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Cardboard Box Mod! 1.8.9

Ever wanted a cheap solution for Storage Problems?

A mod for Storage And Random Stuff!! Hooray for Random Stuff!

Cardboard Mod is for neat storage and random Utilities.


 bitcoin ore

Cardboard box GUI

The Pickaxes

Cardboard Box and Cardboard paper

 This Mod adds in the following:


Bitcoin Ore--Contains Bitcoins

Cardboard Box---Used for Storage



Cardboard paper---Used for Cardboard Box

Quantum Clock(W.I.P)---Used for Dimensional Travel. Right now it just Changes time

Sonic pickaxe---Pickaxe that can manipulate Redstone Circuits(BROKEN)

Bitcoin Pickaxe---Just Awesome

Bitcoins---Used for the Bitcoin Pickaxe



Cardboard Armor

Make Backpacks? maybe?

Add Doge(s)?

Fix slot IDs

Minimize Code by putting the Cardboard box slots in a "for loop". Done in V0.32

Clean up a lot of Mcreator Code

Fix Dimensional Travel(I had it working once!)

Fix Sonic Pickaxe(It's Useless! But it does look cool...)



Cardboard slot ids are broken. They are stable but look so Weird.


Modification files
Cardboard mod.jar - 1.8.9 Version 0.3Uploaded on: 04/28/2016 - 00:12   File size: 47.57 KB
CardboardBox Mod0.32.jar - 1.8.9 Version 0.32Uploaded on: 04/28/2016 - 16:46   File size: 58.75 KB