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PLEASE NOTE: There will be many updates :)



ArdentCraft adds some more playability to minecraft!


ArdentCraft adds [Weapons, Tools, Armour, Ore, Ingot, Nuggets, Blocks, Mobs, Dimensions and much more]


There are 4 tiers of weapons and armour!


Tier 1: Realgar [Acts like leather armour]

Tier 2: Orpiment [Acts Like Iron Armour]

Tier 3: Manganite [Acts like diamond armour with no fall damage]

Tier 4: Rhodonite [Acts better then diamond armor, Is OP! and has flight!]


I will make a better description of this mod once i get some more work put into it!


Hope you enjoy my mod, Any issues/bugs let me know :D 


Any suggestions for the mod? Let me know :D 


Rhodonite can only be found in the ArdentCraft dimension.... To get there make a Nether style portal but with Portal Blocks from ArdentCraft and use the portal key to light it :D [PLEASE NOTE, There is a possibility that when you go to the ArdentCraft dimension that you will spawn into a hill, Will be fixed in future updates]

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