MinerPlus Mod 1.7.10

Published by LolzThePig on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 17:57
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This mod adds more materials,weapons,armor,and a boss. Here's a list:

1. Lapis Armor: Lapis armor can be crafted with lapis,iron,and diamond.

2. Cheez Armor: Cheez armor can be crafted by harvesting 2 Cheez plants and crafting cheez with them. After that you can craft Cheez armor.

3. Rainbow Ore: Rainbow ore is a somewhat common ore that can be used to craft a Rainbow sword. The rainbow sword hits like a truck.

4. Rainbow Sword: Rainbow sword can be crafted with Rainbow gems (Dropped by Rainbow ore). This sword hits like a truck and by using the block button you get an ink sack. This sword is usefull for when you need ink.

5. Cheez: Cheez is a food capable of creating armor. Once you eat the cheez you gain a resistance buff.

6. PorkOre: PorkOre is a fossil of a porkchop. If you mine it you will recieve a Pork Fossil. You can use 1 Pork Fossil,1 Egg,1 Bone,and 1 Rotten flesh to created a Pig Spawn Egg.

7. CheezPlant: If you harvest two of these you can place them together in a crafting table to create Cheez.

8. Rainbow Gem: The Rainbow gem is what drops from Rainbow Ore. And is used to craft the Rainbow Sword.

9. Pork Fossil: You can smelt the Pork Fossil for gunpowder and you can place it in a crafting table with 1 Egg 1 Rotten Flesh and 1 Bone to make a Pig Spawn Egg.

10. Evil Pig Spawner: Crafted using 1 Stick,2 Porkchops,1 Leather,2 String,1 Fossil Porkchop,and 1 Rainbow Gem.

That is about it for the mod. Enjoy!

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