Fisher's WAR Mod

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Wanna Add Some Guns Into You're World? Or Maybe Some Explosives To Troll Along The Way? Well Then This Is THE MOD For YOU! Have A Choice From The Overweight Railgun to The Rapid-Fire V18 Machine Gun, The SCAR Heavy Rifle or The Ultimatly Deadly Raygun? It's For You To Decide! Would You Rather Have You're Foes Be Grinded Alive? Or Suffer In Terribly Agonizing Barbed Wire? Detonate A C4 Plastic Explosive or Light Up a Nuclear Explosive? Find Out ALL of The Deadly Decisions YOU can Make! Better Ratings Means More Updates! So If You Enjoyed, Go Hit Those Stars or Comment Below! Have a Fun War Out There!

Modification files
Fisher's WAR - Download 1.0 Now!Uploaded on: 08/11/2016 - 04:12   File size: 435.58 KB
Crafting - Crafting RecepiesUploaded on: 08/11/2016 - 04:12   File size: 130.94 KB