Cheesys BloodStone Mod! [MC1.5.1] [MOD1.0.1]

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This is Cheesys Blood Stone Mod!

  Basically this mod adds a new mysterious ore block named "BloodStone" Noone knows its exact origins but it seems to be infused with powerful magical properties. So powerful infact that it must first be weakened before used in crafting. Beware when crafting the mystical "Blood Staff" as the minecraftian immortals do not want such power coming into a mortal hands and will try to strike you with lightning upon initial crafting, luckily they arent very accurate (or powerful) so you should be fine. BloodStone also has multiple uses that can be used to turn basic items into very powerful ones!   There are instructions / recipes in the .zip!   So far  
  • BloodStone Ore - Very rare ore that spawns fairly deep underground
  • Raw BloodStone - Smelt the Ore to get this
  • Heated BloodStone - Smelt the above item to get this
  • Weakened BloodStone - Smelt the above to get this (and an achievement!)
  • Blood Gem - Created from 4 weakened bloodstone and a diamond
  • Basic Blood Staff - Allows you to break any block but not as fast as individual tools would. Is the first stage to creating more powerful staves. Be careful when crafting as the minecraftian immortals will attempt to strike you with lightning upon creation (Basically dont stand next to your house and craft it )
  • Blood Coal - Crafted with 1 blood gem and 4 coal it will create 4 "Blood Coal" Extremely efficient and very long lasting it's an expensive fuel to make but makes up for it with how much it can smelt and how long it lasts, best to keep adding items to it so you don't waste any of its smelting power
  • Blood Biome - Adds a new biome consisted of blood dirt and blood rock. Was going to add a "Blood Lily" plant but It wont let me create custom trees for some reason and if i create a plant i can't restrict it to one biome only.
  • Blood Spore - No uses yet and i couldnt restrict it to a certain biome but it might become some kinda food or ingredient for something bigger
  • Blood Armour (Dunno about stats yet)
  • Golden Blood Staff - When right clicked allows you to strike lightning on your foes
  • Obsidian Blood Staff -
  • Iron Blood Staff - When right clicked allows you to spawn iron golemn minions!
  • Bone Blood Staff - Raise your own skeleton army (Might be a problem as they will probably try to kill you :P may need to add a custom mob... Blood Minion maybe?)
  • Some way to "recharge" staves after alot of use (kinda like durability except without them breaking)
  • Some kinda corruption maybe
  • More!?!?++

Feed back and critiscism always appreciated :D



Need to upload them to a different site first!



  • Install Minecraft forge!
  • Go to where your .minecraft is (go to start menu and type %appdata% then press enter then click roaming
  • If you don't already have one create a mods folder It should be created in a folder like  C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
  • Now put zip file of my mod here (fixed by content moderator)



  • Im working on adding magic properties for the staves but unfortunately the current options seem to crash minecraft, so I'm working on it :P
  • Going to be focusing on more mining aspects of the mod now!

Update log / Change log

Version 1.0.1

  • Added Blood biome
  • Added Blood Spore


Modification files
Cheesys Blood Stone - Click here for the mod file!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 17:57   File size: 50.22 KB

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