Lighthouses & Siloes

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Hey guys! So, I made a mod that adds mini lighthouses and siloes to Minecraft. You can use them for decoration. There are 6 lighthouse variations and 5 silo roof colors! There's a link in the description for the crafting recipes and the pictures.

Inspired by the Animal Crossing New Horizons lighthouses and silo!

Coming soon to 1.15!

Crafting recipes and pictures here -…

Modification files
Lighthouses-and-Siloes-1.14.4.jar - Mod version 1.0 - 1.14.4111.97 KB
Lighthouses-and-Siloes-1.1.0.jar - Mod version 1.1 - 1.14.4162.38 KB

1.0 - Added 6 lighthouses and a silo!

1.1 - Added more bricks and more roof variations for the silo!

You can’t look at the recipes and pictures spreadsheet because I don’t have edit access. Can’t you just put the pictures on this site? (The pictures, not the recipes)