Cheesys Stoney Plains Biome [Updated]

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  • This is Cheesys Stoney Plains Biome Mod! [Updated for latest MC!]
  • The title says it all! it is essentially a biome consisted of stone! (and gravel but noone cares about the gravel)
  • This is a randomly spawning biome with the top layer consisting of stone, sometimes coal and rarely iron. And the 3 layers under it being gravel. Dotted around the area are dirt patches and strange looking Stoney lumps or "trees". These aren't uncommon and usually have coal on them and rarely iron.
  • Because of all the coal (and if you're lucky iron) you can find in the biome it's a great spot to start gathering simple resources and if you're even more lucky you might find collapsed gravel leading into a cave! There is no source of wood so make sure you bring a nice supply of it with you.
  • If people want (and I figure it out) I might be able to add stuff to the biome! :D

For some reason it wouldnt make paragraphs so i had to use bullet points :P

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Stoney Plains Biome - Click here for the mod file!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 17:58   File size: 4.37 KB