Exploration++ [Massive Update]

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Hello, this is my first mod created in MCreator and it will be updated regular.
​There will be many new things to see...
​Exploration++ isnt abandoned and wouldnt be after it is too big :D


1. Bacon (food)
​2. Darkness Powder (ore)
3. Darkness Pie (food)
​4. Darkness Infused Crystal
​5. Bacon Infused Crystal
​6. Forgotten Emerald
​7. Buttered Bacon (food)

​1.Bacon Ore (drops bacon)
​2.Darkness Ore (drops dark dust)
3.Missing Texture Block (Frame for the Forgotten Dimension)
​4.Forgotten Emerald Ore (drops forgotten emerald)

1. Red  Field Apple (grants protection)
2. Yellow Field Apple (grants dig speed)
​2. Green Field Apple (grants movement speed)

1. Fire Iron Sword (10 damage)
​2. Bacon Sword (12 damage)
3. Lava Sword (14 damage)
​4. Buttered Bacon Sword (16 damage)
​5. Darkness Sword (21 damage)
​6. Magic Sword (24 damage)
​7. Forgotten Emerald Sword (27 damage)

​1. Bacon Armor (like iron armor)

​1. Missing Dimension (Golden Apple of Creation needed) 

Things that may be come soon:
-Forgotten Emerald Sword
​-Forgotten Emerald Armor
​-Emerald Armor
​-Health Doubler

Sorry for that long text because the /spoiler function was deleted by the site.

This pictrue is a screenshot of my mod so dont think it is stolen.

I hope you like my mod! ​​​If not, please rate anyway honestly.

So i finished the mod.






Modification files
exploration.jar - Exploration++ File 1.0 (Outdated)Uploaded on: 10/18/2016 - 08:39   File size: 231.99 KB
exploration_updates.jar - Exploration++ File 1.1 (Úpdated)Uploaded on: 11/18/2016 - 15:28   File size: 2.55 MB
exploration_1.2_update.jar - Exploration++ File 1.2 (Newest)Uploaded on: 11/22/2016 - 15:18   File size: 2.63 MB