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The Zombie World Mod! V1

The whole world died, nothing that lives remains. All plants, grass and trees... everything’s gone. But you can change everything! Go to the fallen world. Face the zombie apocalypse and regrow the world!


So here is a little guide to help you:

The first thing you need to do is kill a lot of zombies in the over world. When you have gathered yourself a lot of rotten flesh you can make 10 rotten flesh blocks by placing 9 pieces of rotten flesh in a crafting table. When you have those 10 blocks you can make a portal frame just like you make normal ones. Then go back to your crafting table and surround a flint and steel with rotten flesh. This will make you a Zombie World Key. Use this key to ignite the portal. Once you enter the portal you will see the Dead biome. There is nothing living in this dimension. The dead rule this place. You can regrow the biome by making grass blocks. You can make them by putting one dirt block in the middle -->  put water bucks on the 2 sides and above it -->  and put 3 diamonds under the dirt. This will make you a grass block which you can use to regrow the earth.

There are currently 4 mobs in the Zombie World:

- The Human zombie --> Fast, but has not much health or attack damage.
- The Necromancer -->  If you attack this guy he will spawn a lot of Human Zombies.
- The Painful Zombie -->  Deals a lot of damage and is kind of fast.
- The Slow Zombie -->  Really slow, but his damage is overpowered.

There is also one special thing I added to this world. If you surround a Iron Sword with 4 Iron Ingots you can craft yourself a Tier 1 Guard Spawnegg. This entity will attack all zombies and protects you from it. If you have a lot of Iron you can craft yourself a huge army!

Things I want to add in the next version à
-Custom structures
-More mobs
-Dead animals
-A boss
-Special Ores
-Extra Biomes
-More guards

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my mod!!




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If you have any suggestions make sure to e-mail me or comment!