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I worked for 5 months straight working on this. Don't you dare remove this. I am not gonna give up.


CrazyCraft! - A LOT of stuff. Here is everything in 0.5 Beta:

Honey Items: Honeycomb, Honey, and Honey in a Jar

Plants/Food, Green Grapes, Green Grapes, Tomato, BBQ, Ketchup, and Sleeping Sauce/Sleeping Agent

Monster Hunter Ultimate Items: Herb, Sleep Herb, Fire Herb, Ice Herb, Mild Spice Plant, Hot Spice Plant, Fire Spice Plant, Felvine, and Sleeping Agent

Water items: Aqua Coral, Orange Coral, and Salmon Coral

Emerald Tools and Weapons

Silver Tools and Weapons

Rainbow Tools and Weapons

Obsidian Tools and Weapons

Ruby Tools and Weapons

FireStone Tools and Weapons

New Ores: Silver Ore, Rainbow Ore, Obsidian Shard,

Blocks: Ruby Block, Smoothed Ruby Block, and Smooth Obsidian

Well, that is all the items. I will work hard for it to be released! Please don't remove!

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minecrap.jarUploaded on: 11/19/2016 - 23:21   File size: 413.12 KB

wow this sounds like a cool mod!and just for fun,pls check out my own mod!trust me it`s not much,but it`s still really fun!i`m actualy working on adding a new pink demetion to the mod!