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Hello there, my fellow Creators! Recently, I've been seeing a lot of survival island-type videos from Minecraft YouTubers. For someone like me, that concept gets old after such a long time, but I thought it was a good idea -- so here's a way for map creators to spice up the survival island experience! The Survival Island Mod!


First off, just a forewarning: this mod isn't even close to finished. I am eventually going to make a way for the game to spawn in entire islands in ocean biomes. I haven't even made the actual coconut trees' schematic yet. For now, this is the beginning... hence the "PRE-RELEASE" in the title of the mod download right now. There is much more to come, and if you have any ideas for me to implement, drop them in the comments and I may just put them in the mod! (With credit, of course.)


Without further ado, let's get into what new things we have in each new creative tab!


The Blocks Tab

-Coconut Wood -- The log that belongs to the coconut tree.

-Coconut Planks* -- The planks that can be made from the log in the same way you make vanilla planks.

-Husked Coconut ((BLOCK)) -- The husked coconut found growing atop the coconut trees. (Yes, coconuts have green husks. Look it up.)

*If anyone knows how to get the coconut planks to act as a normal wooden plank (in that they can be used in any recipe that vanilla wood planks can), please tell me! Nuparu00 is trying to help me in a forum post I started, but if any of you have a quick fix to that, let me know.


The Decorations Tab

-Carving Table -- Right click on this block with a Husked Coconut ((ITEM)) (see below) to de-husk it. The husk itself will be added in and useful at a later date. Shapeless crafting recipe using one Coconut Planks block and one survival knife (see below).


The Materials Tab

-Leather String -- Material used in crafting the survival knife. Shapeless crafting recipe using one leather (you receive nine leather string which cannot be crafted back into leather).


NEW TAB -- The Survival Island Tab

-Husked Coconut ((ITEM)) -- You get one of these for every Husked Coconut ((BLOCK)) that you destroy.

-Coconut -- Gotten by right-clicking the Carving Table with the Husked Coconut ((ITEM)). Will be useful later.

-Survival Knife -- A knife that will help you survive. Duh. Shapeless crafting recipe using one Leather String, one Stick and one Iron Ingot.


That's all for now, folks! If it sounds interesting, go up there and hit that download button. I hope that I keep having free time -- enough to keep working on this mod. It's a lot of fun to make, so I hope you all have fun playing Minecraft with the installments of the Survival Island Mod!





-Coconut Planks can't be used in normal wooden planks crafting recipes, e.g. a crafting table. (Yet.)


Copyright Notice: All information and ideas in this modification to the game Minecraft (which in and of itself is copyrighted and trademarked by Mojang) are original to the creator, the owner of the Mr_Alpha profile on this website, who prefers to remain anonymous. This add-on to Minecraft is protected under general United States copyright and fraud laws.



You may share this mod with others as long as they also follow these rules.

You may use this mod in a video or modpack as long as you put a link in its description to link consumers back here.

You may not edit the source code in any way or claim this modification as your own.

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the logo looks good, but the import new images i see only 1 image, like most mobs and items and blocks, i think should be good today