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/!\ Sorry for my bad english, I'm french !

You can find some differents things in this mod ! Food, blocks, mobs, biomes... Here is the list of al the features of the version Alpha 1.0.0 ! : 

•Blocks and plants :

-Gunpowder block, for stock the gunpowder, it's sensible at the gravity 

-Sugar block, for the stock the sugar, it's sensible at the gravity 

-Charcoal block, for stock the carcoal 

(You can transform the sugar block in sugar, of course, and too for the gunpowder and the charcoal)

-Kori block : a new purple/blue block, (in a future update, it would be finded in frost temples) made from kori shard. 3 type of Kori are here : the classic kori block, the pillar and the chiseled.

-Kori lantern. Made from kori shard and kori crystals, perfect for mysteriouses lamps ! ^_^    

(PS:Kori is “Ice“ in japenese)

-Sulphur block : can be finded in acid plains, can be made with sulphur powder, but don't right click on it: the sulphur is very explosive !

-Salt ore : can be finded undergroud. It's not really rare, and it drop salt.

-Salt block : made with 9 salt (powder) in the crafting table, for stock the salt. This is too the composent of salt land, a new biome.

-Ender grass : this grass is coarse, nothing can grow on it ! You can find it in the ender moutains biome.

-Ice bricks : made from a square of 4 packed ice blocks, it's perfect for igloo !

-Lemon tree log : For the moment, i think you can't have the lemon trees in survivals, because the Lemon tree forest biome is a WIP. But you can have it in creative inventory. It has a brown bark, but a small yellow color, too.

-Lemon tree planks : Made from lemon tree log, like all the planks. The same color.

-Lemon tree leaves : The leaves of the lemon tree, drop lemon tree saplings.

-Lemon tree saplings : It's don't work for the moment, it's a WIP.

-Carved wood : Very good for the ground of your house, it's in all the variants of woods. (oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak and lemon tree !)

-More quartz variants : Smooth quartz, mossy quartz, quartz bricks, mossy quartz bricks, breacked quartz bricks. Good for the mysteriouses temples !

-More sandstone variants : Sandstone bricks, mossy sandstone bricks, breacked sandstone bricks, sandstone pillar and mossy sandstone. You can use that for constructions :

-Rawsberry bush : You can find it in all the grass biomes, it drop rawsberrys.

-Purple tulip : a new little flower for minecraft, good, no ?

-Tomato crops : in 3 stages, when you place tomato seeds ! Hey, it's growing !

• Items / food :

- Lemon : droped by lemon tree leaves, with it, you can make lemon juice and lemon pie !

- Lemonade : Because the lemon juice is not comestible, add a sugar, and boom ! A delicious drink.

- Pasta : Aaah, who don't like pastas ? Cook it, put it in a bowl, add a good sauce and enjoy your meal !

- Tomatoes : It comes from tomato crops, you can make tomato sauce and tomato soup !

- Strawberries : from starwberry bush, it's better in pie !

- More pies : carrot pies, apple pies and potato pies, yeaaaah ! (and of course lemon pie and strawberry pie !)

- More soups : Fish soup, legum soups and tomato soup !

- Flour : If you put one wheat in your crafting table, you have 3 flours ! You can use for bread and all the pies of this mod ! Cool four economise the wheath !

- Salt : Usefull for some recipes ! Droped by salt ores.

- Ice shard : can find in dungeon chests and when you place a ice block in your crafting table. Used for craft ice blocks.

- Kori shard and kori crystals : you can find it in dongeon chests, it's for craft kori blocks.

- Sulphur powder : Droped by sulphur blocks, for craft it.

- Obsidian breackers : New tools, for breack speeder obsidian and ender chest : in 5 versions : wood, stone, iron, gold and diamonds.

- Tomato seeds : for plants tomatoes. can be finded when you breack grass.

• Biomes :

- Icy land : A biome make of packed ice. Beautiful !

- Acid plains : It's exist in real life, make with sulphur ! But it's very dangerous if the water is yellow, orange or light green !

- Ender moutains : The sky is purple, the grass is blue-green, it's magic ! You can find endermens in this biome.

- Salt hills : Make with salt blocks, it's very weird but full of salt !

- Mud land : You love mud and dirt ? This biome is for you !

- Lemon tree forest : (WIP)

• Mobs :

- Salt ghost : spawn in salt hills. He drop salt. But if you see him, it's never a good thing !

- Buffalo : Spawn in extreme hills biome. They drop nothing. They follow the weath and can have babys (with wheat too). you can ride it, and the babys too ! Yeeaaaaaah ! 


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