The So Many Dimensions Mod V0.1.1

Published by Bioniclops on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 20:32
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V0.1.1 has been released! Another dimension! Yay! Aqueos!


+Added Aqueos Dimension

+Added Aquatic Orb (4 Lapis around Mystical Orb)

+Added Aqueos Portal Frame (8 Lapis around Liquid Moradite)

+Added Rough Kelp Ore

+Added Rough Kelp (currently does nothing)

+Added Tropical Water (Water Bucket in bottom middle of crafting table, Rough Kelp above)

+Added Soaked Grass

+Added Soaked Dirt


-Liquids have water texture

-Nether mobs spawn in both dimensions

Comment your idea for a dimension, its general color, the kind blocks in it, settings, etc. and I might add that dimension! I will probably also think of more for the next update. I have Rough Kelp Armor planned, and maybe tools, athough that probably won't be until another Mcreator update (tool texture glitch). Rough Kelp Armor may also take a while, because I want to give it custom textures (probably Rough Kelp tools will have custom textures too).

you need to change what biome it normally uses when you make deminsion to something like plains or something this will prevent from spawning nether mobs but will spawn overworld mobs