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This mod adds a lot of different food! I hope you will enjoy and you will appreciate this mod! Mod be in the early stages of development, therefore, the error write in the comments.


(NEW) New Features on 0.1.2 (The Burger and Сocktail Update) 

- Add Glass

- Add More Drinks

- Add Bread Burger

- Add Half Bread Burger

- Add Pancakes (4 types)

- Add Donuts (3 types)

- Add Big King

- Add Hamburger

- Add Glilled Chicken BBQ

- Add SteakHummer

- Add FO Soup

- Add Pumpkin Soup

- Add Fish Soup

- Add Oliver                

- And More Features....

New Features on 0.0.14b

- Add Frozen and cooked puffer fish

- Add Frozen and cooked spider eyes

 New Features on 0.0.14

- New Achievements (HotDat) (Shiny) (OneDropAndTheJuice)

- Add Minced, Piece of Meat

- Add Patty

- Add Potato with Crips

- Add Patty With Bread

- Add Chocolate Bread

- Add Caramel, Caramel Apple

- Pincakes (6 Tupe)

- Add Freezing System on Crafting Table (Beta)

- Add Ice and Cooked Meat

New Features on 0.0.13b

- Add New Achievement (Сut Master)

- Add Dought

- Add Pasta

- Add Soup

- Add Hot Water

- Fix bug at Achievement



features ------------------------------------------------------------------

- More than 30 types of food!

- More than 30 kinds of drinks!

- Much more plants!

- The number of achievements!

And lots of other Goodies!


In this fashion his own system of cultivation! It is divided into 2 parts: plant seeds and plants without seeds. And they all scattered in different quantities. In order to grow the first group, you need to find seeds for a particular plant species. Then in the workbench crafted a small tree, which after a while will grow.

Just don't break the Bottom trunk of the tree, and then have to sit and wait. In the second part of the plant, you need to find the plant itself, break it down and it created the same plant. Then plant and wait for growth.

There are only small differences: plants with seeds grow on plowed land and plant the seed near the water.


- Craft Juicer

- Craft Kitchen Knife

- Craft Advanched Kitchen Knife

- Craft Steak Hummer

- Craft Advanched Steak Hummer

The game also has a lot of different drinks. They are in circles or in bottles. To crafted mug you need: Stone handle which is made from 3 stones, and the blank circles , which will crafteda of 5  stone. 

A bottle crafted very easily. Just need 5 glass and cover that crafted from the boards.

Modification files
foodcraft2_0.1.2.jar - Foodcraft2 0.1.2 - (1.11.2)Uploaded on: 08/08/2017 - 15:01   File size: 1.07 MB
foodcraft2_0.0.14b.jar - Foodcraft2 0.0.14b - (1.11.2)Uploaded on: 08/04/2017 - 20:47   File size: 918.33 KB