Published by joshuawl on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 03:55
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This is a mod full of random ideas that I believe make minecraft just a little bit better. I plan to slowly update this mod whenever I am given any free time.


This mod contains:

Sapphire, ruby, and amethyst. (Each found at different levels)

Sapphire, ruby, and amethyst ore/blocks.

Sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald, and obsidian armor/swords/tools.

Chain armor can be crafted with iron nuggets.

2 new redstone components, the stone generator and a smoke machine. (Thanks to SngLol for help with the smoke machine)

An assassin, which is only found in forest biomes, that has a new weapon called the dagger. (Right click with the dagger to get a temporary speed boost)

You may find a buried pickaxe underground which can be smelted to make a haste pickaxe. (Right click to get a haste effect temporary)

A brand new dimension called the boss dimension that has 3 new biomes in it. (Use iron blocks and a boss key to create the portal)

9 new blocks found in the boss dimension.

3 more mobs (one for each new dimension) and 3 new bosses. (Also one for each dimension)

Fire, water, and ghost spirits/gems dropped from the new mobs.

3 swords all with unique abilities and 4 staffs also with unique abilities.

A powerless staff used to create the 4 staffs.

A gun to snipe enemies from afar, but the ammo isn't cheap.

Gem flowers used to craft flower gems.

Donuts! Can be turned into chocolate or sugar donuts for special effects!


Crafting Recipes:

Sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and Obsidian armor, tools, and sword should be obvious.

Sapphire, ruby, and amethyst blocks should also be obvious.

Smoke Machine: Put gunpowder in the middle, redstone in the middles of the bottom row, and put cobble in every other spot.

Stone Generator: Put redstone in the middle of the bottom row, water bucket on the left of the middle row and the lava bucket on the right, then put a dropper in the middle of the top row, then fill the rest with cobble.

Boss Key: Put a diamond on the right side of the middle row and fill the rest of that row with gold ingots, then put a gold ingot on the right side of both the top and bottom row, then put a gold nugget on the left side of the bottom row.

Water, fire, or ghost gems can be crafted by filling the crafting table with the water, fire, or ghost spirits.

Plant gem: Fill the crafting table with gem flowers.

The 4 staffs are crafted by surrounding a powerless staff with water, fire, ghost, or plant gems.

Gun: Put a dispenser on the left side of the middle row, then fill the rest of that row with iron ingots, then put an iron ingot on the right side of the bottom row.

Gun ammo: Put gunpowder in the middle and fill the rest of the middle row with iron nuggets, then put redstone in the middle of the bottom row with iron nuggets filling the rest of that row, then put an iron nugget in the middle of the top row.

Donut: Put wheat in the middle of the top row, to the left and right of the middle row, and in the middle of the bottom row.

Chocolate and sugar donut: Put a donut in the middle, then put sugar or coco beans in the middle of the top row, to the left and right of the middle row, and in the middle of the bottom row.

Everything else is obtained by finding it in the world or from mob drops.


That is all that the mod has, at the moment. Look forward to future updates, and also feel free to recommend something for me to add and if I like it, I will probably add it. (Some ideas I might have to put off until I can learn to program well)

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Nice work! I will try it out later today. Now I'm the first to ever download it :D

I would love some crafting recipies though as I don't have TMI nor NEI

@#2 Ok, I can get to work on that. But I probably won't put in the recipes for the sapphire, ruby, and amethyst armor, tools, and swords because they should be obvious.

I'm working on the crafting recipes, and they will be appearing here:
For now I only have the gems done, but the other thing are on their way ;)