More dungeons mod

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This for now adds 5 Rare structures in the game! Theres : Creeper,zombie,spider and skeleton! And if your lucky you can get all of them in 1!!! Called the all structure.

And if you press U when your in creative. you will get the Spawn Menu! To spawn the structures!

For 1.14.4 1.15.2 1.16.4! I hope you enjoy this mod I have made. Request More Types too btw.

Modification files
More Dungeons mod 1.14.4.jar - 1.14.4 I might update this one too.77.47 KB
More Dungeons mod 1.15.2.jar - 1.15.2 Updated and latest77.78 KB
More Dungeons mod. 1.16.4.jar - 1.16.4 Updated and latest78.33 KB