time wave mod

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time wave mod 

 this mod is design of every type of my model however if I want to make a new structure or a biome I can not make it really good but the way that the mcreator uses there are things that I cannot make however if it's about my details or information of the time wave mod it's just that I'm not good at explaining of every detail but the one thing that I can do if making a video if you still don't understand I will leave discord add YTprincejack223#1913 and then you can have about that even if I cannot still not explain every detail of the mod there are things that I cannot make in the new way of mcreator so you like I cannot make it and construction in building or making biomes it's just that I have issues with new events that I not good at but if you like to have information about the mod contact on my discord and I will explain you much more and I will update the mod every single day also if you want to have something new you have to wait for new idea that I can do but if not easy and yeah if you look it at the picture off my word that I make it sometimes going to lag but the best way to use this to require of mod is use of optilfine and less lag mod so that you get no lag and no issues with the mod also my English if not fully great to understand in the chat but in my voice I'm very good explaining so if you want to help me to give him more information of this mod please do contact me and I will put some text with the update in under your description and if my English is still not good at understanding please don't ask me property English because I cannot do that greatly because my country that I live is Netherlands and if not good at translating so please understand this don't remove my mod I only try my best and you can help me with contact if you have any acquire information or questions please contact me on this discord if you want information about it 

mod elements 268 version 4.1 frozencerrie plant seed cerrie cerrie ice creem ice blast furnace leave knife ( can use for leave to get stick and use moss stone to drops seeds) update blocks ice world update ore block update tools and armor update

Modification files
time_wave 4.1.jarUploaded on: 03/24/2019 - 15:17   File size: 8.15 MB

i well made more in here but first is in 1.11.2 and soon go to 1.12.2