Hostile Foods Mod (WIP)

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The Hostile Foods Mod adds in Mobs, Weapons, Armour and Food related to well, Food. These mobs may look cute and cool, but they are really dangerous! Even with a full set of Diamond Armour and Weapons on, you can still die! Currently a work in progress, feel free to leave a comment to tell me of new stuff to add, bugs or even new mod ideas!



1. Chef (Boss!) - Blows up when he dies and hits really hard!

2. Cookie - Drops Cookies

3. Radioactive Chicken - Drops Raw Chicken and Devilled Eggs

4. Cake - Drops Cake



1. Cotton Candy - Gives Speed

2. Bubble Gum - Gives Speed and Levitation



1. Fork - 6 attack damage, right click for special effect!

2. Spoon - 6 attack damage, right click for special effect!

Note: They are less durable!



1. Bubble Gum Block - To get Bubble Gum!

2. Cotton Candy Wood - To get the planks!

3. Cotton Candy Planks - To build stuff!

4. Cotton Candy Leaves - To get Cotton Candy!

Note: The blocks do not generate anywhere right now, will be an update for a new dimension where all these stuff spawns! However mobs do spawn in the overworld though

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