Swamp mod

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In development
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Swamp mod adds

-flys : drop experience orbs

-crocodile : drops iron ingots

-frogs : drop lily pads


This mod is for Minecraft players to enjoy the swamp biome. 

If you have any questions about this mod put your questions in the comments.

Modification files
frog.mcr - Frogs have 3 hearts and are peaceful mobs they only attack fly's frogs drop 2 experience orbs and 4 lily pads. Spawns in swamps.54.58 KB
TİMSAH.mcr - Crocodiles have 15 hearts and do 4 hearts of damage per hit. They drop 3 iron ingot.s and 6 lily pads and 29 experience orbs.71.44 KB
fly.zip - Fly's have ½ heart of health and are peaceful mobs they drop 1 experience orbs11.2 KB
mosquito.zip - Mosquitoes have 2 hearts and do ½ a heart of damage per bite. Drops 2 experience orbs.27.75 KB

Why do you have these rare files?
they are different to the files of the mods (upload jar files are the file types of the mods)