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This post (for the Mod) was Sorta rushed as at the time of the post, I was tired. So expect Changes Tomorrow.

Hey There Everyone! Welcome to the Official Page of SirenMod!

This is a Mod based off of the Legendary Canadian Horror Artist Trevor Henderson's Creations! Here's a Gist of what Will be in this mod.


Siren Head

Bridge Worm

Cartoon Cat

Country Road Creature

The Man With the Upside down Face


None at the Moment (Working on them at the Moment)


To be Added

- Long Horse (Maybe)

- Milkwalker Ambassador (Working on it)

- Guns

- Armor

- Bonesworth (Maybe)

Modification files
SirenModV3Snapshot3_1.15.2_support.jar - I originally posted this on CurseForge. Link: on: 05/19/2020 - 02:49   File size: 587.38 KB

I was wondering when a Trevor Henderson mod would be made... a few things I recommend you do: give cartoon cat a custom tall model with those wavy arms he has. Also you should add some new abandoned structures and blocks where these beings may be found.

Nice ive wanted this mod for a long time, just a suggestion but adding the lamb would be a good editon.