Minecraft Story Mod - Discontinued

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Want to help:

Want to help me with this mod??? I'm looking for help from good coders and modeler's. Just comment and ask if you could be a coder or a modeler for me and ill get you started!!! Please note that the coder has to make the wither storm, so unless your a pro do NOT ask...

Forum is here --> https://mcreator.net/forum/40162/minecraft-story-mod


A mod that adds almost every exclusive feature in minecraft story mode, including the portals, the dimension's, the flint and steel's, and more coming SOON!!!!

This mod is for everyone who wanted to go beyond the limits of minecraft story mode, like running of to build a huge base to fight off the wither storm or taking sky city for yourself. The possibilities are endless.

So run off and explore every dimension possible.

Mod includes:

Dimensions - (With corresponding Flint and Steel):

Fire World - Orange Flint and Steel - Netherack Structure

Water World - Dark Blue Flint and Steel - Lapis Structure

Crystal Cavern - Dark Green Flint and Steel - Emerald Structure

Redstone Mesa - Red Flint and Steel - Redstone Structure

Ice World - White Flint and Steel - Snow Structure

Sky City - Blue Flint and Steel - Quartz Structure

White Pumpkin - Green Flint and Steel - Gold Structure

Weapons - (Including TNT):

Enchanted Sword

Enchanted Axe

Enchanted Pickaxe

Enchanted Shovel

Enchanted Hoe

Super TNT


Armors - (More Coming Soon)

Redstone Riot

Golden Goliath

Adamantine Impervium

Sword Breaker

Other - (Uncategorized Stuff):

The Amulet - Useless

Enchanted book of Command erasing


Special Thanks to:

Tomcrafter5678 -- for textures


Modification files
Minecraft Story Mod FormidaBomb Update.zip - Formida BombUploaded on: 01/06/2018 - 19:48   File size: 991.21 KB
Minecraft Story Mode - FormidaBomb Update.jar - Formida BombUploaded on: 01/06/2018 - 19:54   File size: 994.92 KB


  • Sky City Dimension 
  • The White Pumpkin's Dimension (mansion coming soon)
  • Redstone/PAMA's dimension 
  • Enchanted Weapons (WIP)
  • Super TNT (WIP)
  • Six New Portals
  • Armors
  • Formida-Bomb

Coming Soon:

  • More Armors
  • All AI's (Jessie, Olivia, Petra, And more)
  • White Pumpkin's Mansion
  • Sky City
  • Portal Hall

Congratulations for MOTW!
Finally another story mode mod! The last one before this was made years ago!
Anyways, I think that the "story mod "category isn't related to Minecraft story mode, but to mods with a story or related to real life history (ex.an Ancient Egypt mod)

i dont know why but i downloaded the mod and when i tried the mod it crashed instantly what version is it and why does it crash?

Ive tried everything to play this mod and it will still crash are there any other mods i need? Does it have to be a different version over than 1.12.2