Too Good Guns TGG mod

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In development
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Adds to minecraft 19 super powerful guns

you can terraform with them

destroy mobs

blow everything into space 

or burn everything

and INT instant TNT

but they don't have cratfings

bullets for them are just normal items

ps t-cannon used to be w-cannon

Hope u enjoyed it

My other mod is Plenty of Ores go check it out

New version

Sound gun bullet iron nuggets 

eco gun bullet trees 

someke gun 

and more


Modification files
TGG 1.1.jar131.16 KB
TGG 3.jar148.68 KB

This is the greatest guns mod I've ever seen.
Then, I have a question, How to make fire continuously with the bow pulled?
Many MCreator modder try to make guns mod, but almost them can't making fire continuously with the bow pulled.
I'm sorry to my poor English.