More Materials Plus BETA

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                                More Materials Plus BETA                                  

More Materials Plus is a mod developed by XSwedenX that will contain hundreds of different type of resources, biomes, dimensions and tools right now this is one of the early version of the mod and there isnt even close to that amount yet but right now there are already alot of things that will help you and make your gameplay much more fun.


Havent started yet.


Ruby Pickaxe. Recipe: 3 Ruby + 2 Stick

Ruby Sword. Recipe: 2 Ruby + 1 Stick

Ruby Axe. Recipe: 3 Ruby + 2 Stick

Ruby Powder. Recipe: 1 Gunpowder + 1 Ruby

Ruby Ammunition (20x). Recipe: 1 Gunpowder + 2 Ruby Powder + 2 Cobblestone

Ruby Gun (2x). Recipe: 1 Ironblock + 1 Ruby Powder + Ruby Powderhandler + Ruby Wire

Ruby Block. Recipe: 9 Ruby

Creative Tab.

Emerald Pickaxe. Recipe: 3 Emerald + 2 Stick

Emerald Sword. Recipe: 2 Emerald + 1 Stick

Emerald Shovel. Recipe: 1 Emerald + 2 Stick

Emerald Axe. Recipe: 3 Emerald + 2 Stick

Water Plant.

Ruby Helmet. Recipe: 4 Ruby

Ruby Chestplate. Recipe: 8 Ruby

Ruby Leggings. Recipe: 7 Ruby

Ruby Boots. Recipe: 4 Ruby

Ruby Powderhandler. Recipe: 2 Shulkershell + 1 Ruby Powder + 1 Ruby Wire

Ruby Wire. Recipe: 3 Ruby + 1 Ruby Powder

Sapphire (Can't be used too craft tools yet)

Sapphire Ore

What will be added in 1.4?


(More will come)

Planned Features:

A New Biome. (No Spoilers :P)

Computer. (Power Source and Other Features)

Maybe List



Mobs. (Trying to learn modelling)

Bushes and berries. 

A dimension. 

A huge revamp of textures. 






Modification files
More Materials Plus BETA 1.3.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 02/25/2018 - 16:49   File size: 99.38 KB
More Materials Plus BETA 1.1.jar - Old VersionUploaded on: 02/21/2018 - 13:42   File size: 50.58 KB
More Materials Plus BETA 1.0.jar - First VersionUploaded on: 02/21/2018 - 12:31   File size: 51.43 KB


 - Added Ruby

 - Added Ruby Tools

 - Created the Mod

 - Published the mod


 - Added Ruby Block

 - Some bugfixes


 - Added Emerald Tools

 - Added Ruby Armor

 - Added Sapphire

 - Added Sapphire Ore

 - Changed Ruby Gun Recipe

 - Small texture revamp

 - Added Ruby Wirepart (Too the gun)

 - Added Ruby Powderhandler (Too the gun)

Nice mod. I was actually planning a mod like this. Maybe we could combine the mods and do a collab?