Sweet Apocalyptic World

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Current version : 1.1

This Mod adds some blocks that make your world a little bit more apocalyptic. This version has 21 blocks in total with the recipe included. To see the recipe is recommended to play with JEI (Just Enough Items) mod. More blocks will be added in the future.



-Stone Type 1 - 13

-Fences Type 1 - 6

-Rusted Tube (3d model)

-Rust Dust



It only requieres forge to make this mod work. The link of dowload is this: https://files.minecraftforge.net/

*Recommended to use JEI to see the recipes. Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei

Windows Installation

  • Download the file
  • Press Windows Key + R and type "%Appdata%".
  • Go to .minecraft and the to the mods folder.
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder

Mac Installation

  • Download the file
  • Go to /Library/Application Support/Minecraft/mods folder
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder


If you have any question or any suggestion, please comment below.


Mod made by:LionsStuff

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In development
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SAWMod-1.1.jar - MOST RECENT - v.1.1146.43 KB
SAWMod-1.0.jar - v1.098.3 KB


-Added 3 stone types

-Added 6 fence types

-Added recipe for rusted tube


- Added 11 stone types and a rusted tubes.

-Added Rust Dust.