PaddyCraft 2

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Sorry For The Late Release Today, I Lost The Will To Continue Making This Mod, The Reason Was Because I Had Forgotten About Saint Patricks Day This Month And Had A Low Amount Of Time To Start On It, I May Continue To Develop The Mod Over Time Though

The PaddyLands Biomes Can Be Found In The Overworld But The Dimension Is Just A Place Where You Can Find Them Very Easily, This May Change

This Mod Also Comes With A Full Irish Translation Option, I Haven't Properly Spoken Irish In A Long Time So It May Not Be So Accurate

The Steve Skin Is Also A Placeholder


Happy Paddy's Day Everyone! And No Its Not "Patty's" Day!         -UnlimatedStone9


What's In 1.0.0?

Chaunium, Ore, Tools, Weapons, Ingots, Blocks, And Nuggets

Pure Gold Ingots,Blocks And Nuggets

Pure Gold Powder

Leprechaun And Paddy Mobs (WIP)

Pots O' Gold And Pots O' Spuds

Spuds And Boiled Spuds

Paddylands Dimension (WIP)

3 New Unique Golden Biomes (WIP)

A Staff That Can Summon Lightning (WIP)

Golden Clusters That Should Spawn In The Nether

Golden Sand, Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone And Chiseled Sandstone

Much Much More!


What's In 1.0.1?

Added Hops Plants Grown In The Wild (Not Farmable Yet)

Added Fungus

Added Yeast

Added Mortar And Pestle For Grinding Materials (Currently Only Fermented Spider Eyes, Clovers And Fungus)

Added Empty Pint Glasses And Pint O' Guinness

Fixed Golden Leaves Dropping Themselves And Mining Speed

Lucky And Unlucky Brews Can Be Made By Mixing And Cooking Down Materials

Added Fermented Lucky Brews

Golden Essence Drops From Already Existing Golden Grass

Much Much More!



Modification files
PaddyCraft2.jar - PaddyCraft 2 V 1.0.0 For 1.12.2356.74 KB
PaddyCraft2 1.0.1.jar - PaddyCraft 2 V1.0.1 For 1.12.2444.52 KB