Travel revolution mod

Published by fapdos123 on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 10:26
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Hello! This is a spanish mod created by fapdos (me)

The mod adds to the game a lot of new mobs,all of them generates in the world as they are intented to do.

Here's the list of mobs (their names are in spanish,sorry):
Abeja,arangla,enlale,hellal,bichinta,bicho arenoso,gigalabaza,campsio,cangrejo,cangrejo viajero,vampiro,cerdo insano,cisne,clast,cofre mascota,endercofre mascota,creeper abedul,creeper fogoso,criatura del mas alla,fapdos,hamber,gletchior,sodpaf,untoldos,vinicio,end slime,escarabajo,escorpion,esmeralda viviente,flamenco,creeper fantasma,zombie fantasma,goomba,pavo,huesitos,humano negativo,infestanor,jabali,luciernaga,mariquita,mini snowman,ojo flotante,gente sombra,panda,rata,serpiente,robot viejo,bufalo,falk,lumiere,berdugo.


-Lord 8: generates in the overworld,in roofed forest,mutated taigas and redwood raiga

-Llanto externo: summons ''ojo minion'' and generates in the nether

-Ojo minion: summoned by Llanto externo

-Delirium: starts as ''grumo de deliria'' in the craftonia dimension

-El brazo,La pierna: they both generates in the nether and in the end

This mod also adds items,but only 1 is important,the ''vara de craftonia'' is the igniter of the portal

Two new ores in the mod: amatista (amethyst) and ambar (amber)

they both are used to make armours and tools,but not eveything at the same time,for example,the ambar (amber) is used to make a hoe and a pickaxe,but not a sword or even an armour.

Discover more by yourself! reccomendable to use JEI

Modification files
travel_revolution_mod1.0.jar - version 1.01.18 MB