Ridax Mod

Published by KillerAll on Sun, 05/06/2018 - 05:41
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t is a mod that will allow you to add weapons as well as armor, minerals and blocks as mines. There will also be 2 dimensions in all this mod since it is in beta phase that is not complete if it is not a part. In addition to these dimensions there will also be some enemies like the endless which is an enemy that is peaceful but killing it will give you great value of things only you need something too strong since the endless at first hit can die if you can not kill it and will be immortal. The next enemy is kryptonite man already as the name says is a man of Kryptonite alone that is easy to kill but do not try to kill him hand to hand because if you kill him hand to hand explode and die like all enemies and creatures around him.


Una de las menas que te puedas encontrar como la galena la fluorita y la kriptonita si existen y de eso me base,pero hay 5 que yo cree que no existen,que son el Ridax,Redix,Batlax,Darix y Yenix todos son minerales peligrosos y poderosos.

​this mod is not a quarter completed so you can wait for its update after

Modification files
RidaxMod.jar - this mod is not a quarter completed so you can wait for its update after300.56 KB