Terminor's Ultimate Useless Things

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Terminor's Ultimate Useless Things

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By Maxpingouin

So huh I wanted to create a mod with the 3D MODELS and I made this mod.

It isn't very full but I think that 1 3D model worth like 3 or 5 basic block model blocks.

This mod is actually in 1.0

The list of elements :


-Ugly Beef , Pork and Chicken Meat : are ugly but worth +1 Chick'n Leg than the normal cooked meats.

-Empty Cup : Use it with the soda machine with a gold nugget for something awesome.

-Enyum Ingot : A very rare ingot obtained from smelted Enyum Block.

-Skeletraon Helmet : An item , cannot be equiped like a normal armor but can be set on your head by using this command :

/replaceitem entity [YourUsername] item.armor.head [Item's name]

-Mountain Craft Cup : A cup full of Mountain Craft , gives you an extreme speed boost for some seconds when used.

-Mob Potion : Makes you a mob !


-Water Furnace : Use sticks to instant cook meats like prok , beef or chicken into ugly meats.

-Soda Machine : Right click it with an empty cup and a gold nugget for a Mountain Craft Cup.

-Lightning Trap : Just guess... ⚡

-Enyum Ore : Used to make Enyum Ingots.

-Epix Stairs : Can't be used as stairs but are very smooth ( only 1 orientation for the actual version )


-Enyum Glove : 18 Damage , Epix Style , Expensive , Working.


ok so thanks for reading this and don't forget to download and/or comment.



Modification files
Terminor'sUltimateUselessItems (1.0) [1.12.2].jar - Version 1.0 of the modUploaded on: 05/19/2019 - 10:49   File size: 178.65 KB

1.0 : The very start