Epic Enchants

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How To Install

1. Install the mod like normal (Forge)

2. Turn on cheats, or else some enchants will not work. (If you already had a world, go to "Open to LAN" and turn on cheats; do that every time you enter the world)

3.Enter the world, go to the chat settings, and either turn the unfocused height all the way down to 20, or just turn chat off (Or else several enchants will spam text when you use them)

Epic Enchants

It currently adds new 29 new enchants:

Helmet: Scouting I (Night-Vision)

Body: Rage I (Strength)

Legs: Leaping II (Jump-Boost II)

Boots: Lava Walker I (Like Frost Walker for lava+Fire Resistance)

Helmet: Life X (Increases health)

Body and Elytra: Punch Protection X (Knockback Resistance)

Legs: Speed V (Speed)

Boots: Flight I (What do you think?) (Switch gamemodes to debug)

Helmet: Purity I (Clears potion effects)

Body: Climbing I (What do you think?)

Legs: Feasting I (Saturation)

Boots: Flame Walker I (Fire resistance and a path of fire)

Helmet: Conduit I (Increases underwater visibility, mining speed, and prevents drowning) (Coming in official Minecraft as of 1.13)

Body: Rush X (Haste)

Legs: Cloaking I (Invisibility+this piece of armor is invisible)

Boots: Tracking I (Path below you as you walk) (To prevent resource loss, only on grass, dirt, stone, sandstone, sand, snow, netherrack, and end stone)

Pickaxe: Auto-Smelting I (Smelts Blocks) (Nether bricks, cracked stone bricks, stone, iron ingot, gold ingot) (Right-click)

Pickaxe: Attraction I (Pulls items within 10 blocks to you) (Right-click in air)

Sword: Zap I (Strikes Lightning upon right-clicking if the weather is rain or thunder)

Sword: Leech I (Heals you when you kill a mob)

Shield: Ground Hold I (Knockback Restistance, but you go slower)

Bow: Multi-Shot III (Shoots 3 arrows)

Bow: Drawback I (No charge time)

Bow: Long Shot I (Longer range, zoom in)

Axe: Slice I (Cuts down more of a tree) (Right-click)

Shovel: Auto-Smelting I (Smelts blocks) (Glass, terracotta, sponge, baked potato) (Right-click)

Hoe: Auto-Planting I (Plants wheat when you hoe)

Flint and Steel: Burst I (Explodes)

Shears: Diffusion I (Removes nearby Creepers and TNT)

Coming Soon (Maybe):

Sword: Puncture I (Ignores armor)



Epic Enchanting Table:

It is used to get the new enchants.


Use it on the table to get an enchant.

Right-click on the Epic Enchanting Table with a rune to get one, once in your inventory, you will discover what enchant you got.

Epic Enchanted Apples:

They restore full health and hunger.

Path Block:

It is used with the Tracking enchant.


It is the "Ammo" for the bow, but it is not consumed. It comes with the bow.

Crying Obsidian:

Used in crafting. If right clicked with compass, it will set your spawnpoint above it.

Epic Bookshelf:

Used to get Epic Enchants via a rune. They must be in stacks of 2 on all four sides of the table one block away.

Layout (Top view) (X=does not matter, B=epic bookshelf, T=epic enchanting table)















In game wiki


Weeping Not Sleeping:

Use crying obsidian to reset your spawn.

Over Powered:

Get an Epic Enchanted item.

Epic Enchants:

Use this mod.


Craft a rune.


They can not be obtained from the creative inventory if you want the enchanted texture and name(s) in lore. Craft an Epic Enchanting Table (Recipe in pictures), click on it with a rune, pick up the epic rune that comes out, and watch it change into your item.

Option 1: Hold the item you want to enchant in your main hand (bow, shield, apple, diamond armor, and diamond tools), a rune in your off hand, and click on the table. 

Option 2: Hold a rune in your main hand, have epic bookshelves in 2 block pillars one block away on all 4 sides, and click on the table to get a random enchanted item.

Epic Enchants for 1.11


Xp Storage


Official Forum


Official Site







Fireworks do not give a boost with elytra. (This does not seem to be a problem with this mod; however, I have experienced it using this mod, but also with other mods, restarting Minecraft a couple of times usually makes it work)

Axe does not do as much as wanted.

Modification files
EpicEnchants1-2-9.jar - Epic Enchantments 1.2.9245.18 KB
EpicEnchants1-2-5.jar - Epic Enchants 1.2.5 (Simple/Old Enchanting)179.28 KB

1.2.0-Mod released for 1.12

1.2.1-Bug fixes, tool enchants activated on right-click, finished enchanting table and rune, removed updater, mock iron, and mock gold ore

1.2.2-Bug fixes, scouting will make nearby entities glow, any necessary balancing (More expensive to get enchantments, requires special paper)

1.2.3 Bug fixes

1.2.4 Bug fixes

1.2.5 Added attraction enchantment

18w21a Add new bookshelves, crying obsidian, crafting for the table now resembles what it looks like

18w21b Bug fixes, started enchanting system redo

1.2.6 Redo enchanting system

1.2.7 Bug fixes, added burst enchant

1.2.8 Bug fixes, elytra can be enchanted with punch protection

1.2.9 2 new enchants, in game wiki

Very cool mod BrickMaster! It has lots of interesting ideas
But can you explain how you achieved the new enchantments, if they are new or just new weapons with these abilities

Cool mod
Did you add a new set of armor/weapons for the epic enchantments or can all the armors and weapons be enchanted?
Anyways very nice mod, it should be MOTW

I think /gamerule commandBlockOutput false or /gamerule sendCommandFeedback false would do better.

At first this looked really good, but then I realized they are all just on new items :/

I know how to make them work on normal items, and I might in the future. The only problem is that the mod would be at least 5 times larger, and this would still not work for items from other mods. For an Mcreator mod, it is still pretty good.

1.2.6 will make them able to be applied to diamond if you have a rune in offhand and item/armor in main

1.2.6 will make them able to be applied to diamond if you have a rune in offhand and item/armor in main