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You can store all sorts of things in chests and whatnot, but the one thing unable to be stored in Minecraft was your xp levels. Well, now you can. Simply right click without a bottle in your hand on a jar to deposit levels, and right click with a bottle on a jar to get a bottle o' enchanting. The max storage is 30 levels. The crafting recipe for the jar is above in the photos. Plus, when you break a jar, it keeps its contents just like a shulker box, so you can carry it with you or put it in chest.

I hope you enjoy!


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-you do not have to have any xp in order to deposit

-pulls from nearest player

Please report any other bugs in the comment section below.

Modification files
XpStorage1-0-3.jar - Xp Storage 1.0.3Uploaded on: 06/01/2018 - 16:07   File size: 306.7 KB

1.0.0-(Mod released) Max of 5 levels

1.0.1-Max of 10 levels

1.0.2-Max of 20 levels, bug fixes

1.0.3-Max of 30 levels, bug fixes

Maybe add 3d Models? /It looks weird when the outer textures are filled,but not the inner.