JadensMod! An AOTA Mod+Finally Alphadev!

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JadensMod is a mod that, one day, will have everything I wanted other Modders to add, but in most versions I like (1.7.10/1.12.2/1.10.2), but then don’t! So I have put it upon myself to Create the Perfect Mod for Me! But I wanted to do more, and more, and more! So I kept going at it! I still have my old Indev version of JadensMod, too, if anyone is interested. But today, I will now bring it upon my self to share it too! Starting Now! Also one more thing, I have a few discord servers that anyone that wants to may join! Ask me, message me, whatever you can do to get in there if you want to! And IF I get a few requests of people wanting to join my discord(s), I will put a Discord Invite Link here!:


By the way, the category I picked for JadensMod above, is still incorrect to me, the proper category for JadensMod for that pulldown menu is: All of the Above!



Modification files
[1.12.2]JadensMod-Alphadev1-1.12.2(Alpha v0.1.1Webfix).jar - The First JadensMod version ever to go on the web.Uploaded on: 05/11/2018 - 15:52   File size: 792.16 KB

JadensMod for Minecraft rv1.12.2 + Forge:


                -JadensMod v0.1.1-

-First Webfix version

-Removed Old JadensMod version Elements

-Bug Fixes

In addition, if you crave more Screenshots/Images of stuff in the mod, Please Let Me Know!