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Hey Guys! We have come out with a new mod for you to play with! It adds many new, realistic features that will help you on your survival worlds. We will add some more content this weekend New content! Added Many new items and recipes including:

-Sorrel, can be eaten, gives you regen

-Lyme trees, found in the Lyme forest, eat the leaves to regain hunger!

-Wilderness salad, new food item, gives a lot of hunger

-Tapeworm, creative only, gives you negative hunger

And Many More!

New Update! 6/22/2018

-The Corphrey Update!

-Adds Corphrey, a nether-based tree/plant. There is currently no way to get Corphrey in survival, but I'm willing to take suggestions.

-Right-clicking a 'stalk' of Corphrey will give you 4 Corphrey fruit. Corphrey fruit can be crafted into Corphrey fruit pie, Requires 7x as much sugar as normal blackberry and pumpkin pies. 

-It can also be crafted into the Larva of the Corphrey Beetle. Craft the larva with 8 fruit and it grows into a fully grown adult

-The beetle can be ground into chitin using the pestle and mortar. Chitin can be turned into armour that gives you fire resistance.




-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Feedback is encouraged-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-



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