The World Cooking Mod

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The World Cooking Mod

You maybe think there are not enough food / good food on minecraft ?

Me too , I think this , so , I created this mod .

Do you never dreamed of a biome full of cheeseburgers ?

Do you never dreamed win a food contest like the weird man at the first picture of the mod ?

Do you never dreamed to create a REAL restaurant ?

Do you never dreamed to have something to eat when you are hungry ?

If you are okay for 1 (or more) of the 5 sentences, this mod is for you.

And If you are okay with 0 sentences... look anyway because maybe you'll like it.

Lets see the mod !

(Disclaimer : this mod isn't inspired from any other mod ! Everything here is inspired from the ideas I got.This means I don't need to credit any other mod since I got 100% of ideas present in this mod.)

(almost everything is craftable)

when I say "give" , I want to say "drop".

Weapons & Armors:

-Fries Sword : 500 durability & 7 attack damage.

-Fries Big Sword : 250 durability & 8 attack damage.

-Cooker's Clothes : Protect


-Cooking Knife : It's a tool and you need it for a lot of recipes !

-Back Soul (Cooking Knife) : It's like the Cooking Knife but in demonic. You need it for the demonic recipes !

-Alien Cooking Knife : The most expensive cooking knife.You need it for Aliens recipes !

-The Bottle : It's an item , use it for create some drinks. (It's not the vanilla glass bottle !)

-Spoon : It's a tool , you need it for create butter.

-Bag : It's an item , use it for fries and nuggets.



Mustard Crate : Give 3 mustard when breaked and need an axe to break it easily.You can find some in caves or craft.

-Tiles Block : A block of tiles like the tiles in the restaurant's kitchens.Use a pickaxe to break it easily.

-Cheeseburger Block : give 4 cheeseburgers when breaked.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Cheese Block : give 4 cheese when breaked.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Smart Meat Furnace : Cook all animals meat (vanilla) when you rightclick it with the meat in your inventory.Use a pickaxe for break it easily.

-Orange Three Log : Use an axe to break it easily.

-Orange Three Planks : Use it for anything , just decorative.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Orange Three Leaves : Use it in a craft to get oranges.Use an axe to break it easily.


-Salt ore : give 3 salt when breaked.Use a pickaxe for break it easily.


-Tomato Plant : give 3 tomato when breaked.

-Pepper Plant : give 2 pepper when breaked.

-Chilli Pepper Plant : give 2 chilli pepper when breaked.

-Satureonus Plant (alien plant) : give 3 satureonus when breaked.

-Lettuce : give an lettuce when breaked. (not the same lettuce !)

-Strawberry Plant : give 3 strawberrys when breaked.


The number is the number of food point added . ex : 0,5 = 1/2 food point

-Cheese : 3                         

-Tomato : 2,5

-Pepper : 2

-Chilli Pepper : 1

-Satureonus : 1

-Frost French Fries : 2

-Frost American Fries : 2

-French Fries : 3

-American Fries : 3

-Bag Of French Fries : 4

-Bag Of American Fries : 4

-Cola : 2,5

-Satureonus Juice (alien) : 10 (full)

-Lettuce : 1,5

-Burger : 6

-Cheeseburger : 7

-Pizza : 7

-Fajita : 5

-Croissant : 3

-Water Bottle (not the vanilla) : 0,5

-Mustard : 3,5

-Sausage : 4

-Hot dog : 6

-Eye Of Death (demonic) : 5 (you not die by eating this !)

-Pasta : 1

-Spaghettis : 6,5

-Soft Bread : 2,5

-Bread Crumbs : 0,5

It's a lot of food no ?

There is more.

-Nuggets : 3

-Salt : 2

-Bag Of Nuggets : 5

-Death Pizza (demonic) : 6

-The "Hot Lava" (demonic) : 5

-Netherwart Chips (demonic) : 3

-Bag Of Netherwart Chips : 5

-Ham : 2

-Butter : 2

-Sandwich : 4,5

-BCLC Sandwich (B = bread ,C= chicken ,L= lettuce ,C= cheese) : 7

-CBLT Sandwich (C= cheese ,B= beef ,L= lettuce ,T= tomato, I don't added the B for bread) : 7,5

-Demonic Sandwich (demonic like the name) : 4

-Jeff (The Sandwich God) : 10 (Cheese,Beef,Lettuce,Tomato,Chicken,Chilli Pepper,Ham,Pepper,Salmon(you don't need it to create Jeff),Apple,Butter and Soft Bread.With this your stomach will explode.)

-Alien Juice (alien) : 5

-Omelette : 3

-Guess what is it. : 2,5

-Cooked Flesh (Yay finally an utility !) : 3,5

-Chocolate Bucket : 3

-Chocolate : 3,5

-Donut : 5

-Maxpingouin Cake : 10 , Do you will eat me ? :,-(  

-Apple Juice : 3

-Orange : 2

-Orange Juice : 3

-Soul In A Bottle (demonic) : 3,5

-Strawberry : 0,5

-Strawberry Juice : 3

Try to eat all of this food IRL in 1 hour and you will die so don't do this IRL but if you want you can try this in minecraft.



I think I will add entitys for next updates.


Here is the list of upgrades I will maybe add shortly.


-Food Dimension

-Food Monster (maybe later)

-More Food (Beans & Chili)


Maybe I will buy a 2nd stomach for me.


For know all recipes and crafts download JEI

How to play with the mod ?

1-Download and install forge 1.10.2 (you can look a video for this)

2-search %appdata% on your computer after select minecraft and put TheWorldCookingMod and JEI in "mods"

3-Launch your minecraft launcher and create a new game version with forge 1.10.2.

3-Start your Minecraft with the game version.

4-Have fun (You should create a new world to play with the mod)


Don't forget to download the mod , leave a comment , a suggestion , an update idea or report bug/glitch/error.


I will update the mod very soonly !


Only 1 week after winning MOTW with one of my mods , I winned MOTW with this mod.

Thanks you very much !


If you want to add my mod in a modpack , ask in the comments.










I surely added the last update of the mod.This update is only for the elite of the elite.

This is the secret update.Go on the download thing to get it now.

Nothing of the secret update on shown in this mod page , this is why that's secret.



(uber spoiler : I plan a remake 👌)








Goodbye and enjoy your meal !

Modification files
TheWorldCookingMod [1.10.2] (1.2).jar - The 1st Released Version , [1.10.2] (1.2)259.89 KB
TheWorldCookingMod [1.10.2] (1.3).jar - The 2nd Released Version , [1.10.2] (1.3)321.23 KB
TheWorldCookingMod Secret Update 1.10.2 [1.5].jar - The secret update only for the elite of the elite , [1.10.2] (1.4)415.96 KB
  • Alpha (1.0) : no bugs/errors/glitchs but only a very small number of food.
  • Beta (1.1) : More Food than the alpha but some errors.
  • 1st Released (1.2) : No bigs errors , maybe one or two in the food name but a stable game.(more foods than the Beta)
  • 2nd Released (1.3) : No bigs errors , stable game.(more foods than the 1st Released)

Thanks you very much ! I would never think of winning the MOTW 2 times in a row !

Em...People make better stuff (I'm about textures)...Just DRAW the textures! Why everybody uses this stupid tool? I just use it to create base textures...