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The World Cooking Mod  (2022 small update, check bottom of page)

You maybe think there are not enough food / good food on minecraft ?

Me too , I think this , so , I created this mod .

Did you ever dream of a biome full of cheeseburgers ?

Did you ever dream win a food contest like the weird man at the first picture of the mod ?

Did you ever dream to create a REAL restaurant ?

Did you ever dream to have something to eat when you are hungry ?

If you are okay for 1 (or more) of the 5 sentences, this mod is for you.

And If you are okay with 0 sentences... look anyway because maybe you'll like it.

Lets see the mod !

(Disclaimer : this mod isn't inspired from any other mod ! Everything here is inspired from the ideas I got.This means I don't need to credit any other mod since I got 100% of ideas present in this mod.)

(almost everything is craftable)

when I say "give" , I want to say "drop".

Weapons & Armors:

-Fries Sword : 500 durability & 7 attack damage.

-Fries Big Sword : 250 durability & 8 attack damage.

-Cooker's Clothes : Protect


-Cooking Knife : It's a tool and you need it for a lot of recipes !

-Back Soul (Cooking Knife) : It's like the Cooking Knife but in demonic. You need it for the demonic recipes !

-Alien Cooking Knife : The most expensive cooking knife.You need it for Aliens recipes !

-The Bottle : It's an item , use it for create some drinks. (It's not the vanilla glass bottle !)

-Spoon : It's a tool , you need it for create butter.

-Bag : It's an item , use it for fries and nuggets.



Mustard Crate : Give 3 mustard when breaked and need an axe to break it easily.You can find some in caves or craft.

-Tiles Block : A block of tiles like the tiles in the restaurant's kitchens.Use a pickaxe to break it easily.

-Cheeseburger Block : give 4 cheeseburgers when breaked.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Cheese Block : give 4 cheese when breaked.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Smart Meat Furnace : Cook all animals meat (vanilla) when you rightclick it with the meat in your inventory.Use a pickaxe for break it easily.

-Orange Three Log : Use an axe to break it easily.

-Orange Three Planks : Use it for anything , just decorative.Use an axe to break it easily.

-Orange Three Leaves : Use it in a craft to get oranges.Use an axe to break it easily.


-Salt ore : give 3 salt when breaked.Use a pickaxe for break it easily.


-Tomato Plant : give 3 tomato when breaked.

-Pepper Plant : give 2 pepper when breaked.

-Chilli Pepper Plant : give 2 chilli pepper when breaked.

-Satureonus Plant (alien plant) : give 3 satureonus when breaked.

-Lettuce : give an lettuce when breaked. (not the same lettuce !)

-Strawberry Plant : give 3 strawberrys when breaked.


The number is the number of food point added . ex : 0,5 = 1/2 food point

-Cheese : 3                         

-Tomato : 2,5

-Pepper : 2

-Chilli Pepper : 1

-Satureonus : 1

-Frost French Fries : 2

-Frost American Fries : 2

-French Fries : 3

-American Fries : 3

-Bag Of French Fries : 4

-Bag Of American Fries : 4

-Cola : 2,5

-Satureonus Juice (alien) : 10 (full)

-Lettuce : 1,5

-Burger : 6

-Cheeseburger : 7

-Pizza : 7

-Fajita : 5

-Croissant : 3

-Water Bottle (not the vanilla) : 0,5

-Mustard : 3,5

-Sausage : 4

-Hot dog : 6

-Eye Of Death (demonic) : 5 (you not die by eating this !)

-Pasta : 1

-Spaghettis : 6,5

-Soft Bread : 2,5

-Bread Crumbs : 0,5

It's a lot of food no ?

There is more.

-Nuggets : 3

-Salt : 2

-Bag Of Nuggets : 5

-Death Pizza (demonic) : 6

-The "Hot Lava" (demonic) : 5

-Netherwart Chips (demonic) : 3

-Bag Of Netherwart Chips : 5

-Ham : 2

-Butter : 2

-Sandwich : 4,5

-BCLC Sandwich (B = bread ,C= chicken ,L= lettuce ,C= cheese) : 7

-CBLT Sandwich (C= cheese ,B= beef ,L= lettuce ,T= tomato, I don't added the B for bread) : 7,5

-Demonic Sandwich (demonic like the name) : 4

-Jeff (The Sandwich God) : 10 (Cheese,Beef,Lettuce,Tomato,Chicken,Chilli Pepper,Ham,Pepper,Salmon(you don't need it to create Jeff),Apple,Butter and Soft Bread.With this your stomach will explode.)

-Alien Juice (alien) : 5

-Omelette : 3

-Guess what is it. : 2,5

-Cooked Flesh (Yay finally an utility !) : 3,5

-Chocolate Bucket : 3

-Chocolate : 3,5

-Donut : 5

-Maxpingouin Cake : 10 , Do you will eat me ? :,-(  

-Apple Juice : 3

-Orange : 2

-Orange Juice : 3

-Soul In A Bottle (demonic) : 3,5

-Strawberry : 0,5

-Strawberry Juice : 3

Try to eat all of this food IRL in 1 hour and you will die so don't do this IRL but if you want you can try this in minecraft.



I think I will add entitys for next updates.


Here is the list of upgrades I will maybe add shortly.


-Food Dimension

-Food Monster (maybe later)

-More Food (Beans & Chili)


Maybe I will buy a 2nd stomach for me.


For know all recipes and crafts download JEI

How to play with the mod ?

1-Download and install forge 1.10.2 (you can look a video for this)

2-search %appdata% on your computer after select minecraft and put TheWorldCookingMod and JEI in "mods"

3-Launch your minecraft launcher and create a new game version with forge 1.10.2.

3-Start your Minecraft with the game version.

4-Have fun (You should create a new world to play with the mod)


Don't forget to download the mod , leave a comment , a suggestion , an update idea or report bug/glitch/error.


I will update the mod very soonly !


Only 1 week after winning MOTW with one of my mods , I won MOTW with this mod.

Thanks you very much !


If you want to add my mod in a modpack , ask in the comments.










Most recent update includes 2 new food items, 1 new recipe item , 2 new weapons and achievement

some bugs are present in some item names and achievements

If you already downloaded the previous versions a few years ago thank you for still being here


Its been almost 4 years already...

In case you're wondering I still plan to make a total remake but it will take lots of time because it will include other mods I made and lots of new stuff.







Goodbye and enjoy your meal !

Modification files
TheWorldCookingMod [1.10.2] (1.2).jar - The 1st Released Version , [1.10.2] (1.2)Uploaded on: 05/20/2018 - 13:33   File size: 259.89 KB
TheWorldCookingMod [1.10.2] (1.3).jar - The 2nd Released Version , [1.10.2] (1.3)Uploaded on: 05/23/2018 - 11:46   File size: 321.23 KB
TheWorldCookingMod Secret Update 1.10.2 [1.5].jar - The secret update only for the elite of the elite , [1.10.2] (1.5)Uploaded on: 04/17/2019 - 20:22   File size: 415.96 KB
TheWorldCookingMod 1.10.2 [1.6].jar - The most recent update (2022) , [1.10.2] (1.6)Uploaded on: 02/16/2022 - 16:13   File size: 474.06 KB
  • Alpha (1.0) : no bugs/errors/glitchs but only a very small number of food.
  • Beta (1.1) : More Food than the alpha but some errors.
  • 1st Released (1.2) : No bigs errors , maybe one or two in the food name but a stable game.(more foods than the Beta)
  • 2nd Released (1.3) : No bigs errors , stable game.(more foods than the 1st Released)
  • (1.4) - No info
  • (1.5) - No info
  • (1.6) - Added MEGA MEAT, Bean toast, 1000C° knife, satureonus grenade and chemical syringe. Added achievements

Em...People make better stuff (I'm about textures)...Just DRAW the textures! Why everybody uses this stupid tool? I just use it to create base textures...