Dyable Sea Lanterns(BTDSL)

Published by SkylieTuff on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 19:00
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Ever wanted Dyable sea lanterns? Well, here you go and enjoy them. It is even better than normal sea lantern, as it doesn't allow doors nor dust on them. And Gets rid of awful glass breaking sound. This mod also adds in a new lamp and food, sweettarts pie and rainbow lamp. Now finally, you can make your colored houses better looking. 

They also have there animation on them as well for the sea lanterns. -;)


1: Stairs, Slabs, Doors, walls for dyable sea lanterns and rainbowlamp

2: Dyable Redstone Blocks, Dyeable Doors. 


These are better than default sea lanterns, they work just the same except they aren't made of glass so that you can place redstone dust on them, so you can place a door on top, and etc. If you want an different version where you can't do anything but light with them, I'll make a -0.01 version just for you, leave a reply in the comments for it. 


Modification files
DyableSeaLanterns.jar - Dyable Sea Lanterns Alpha 0.0.04207.16 KB

Alpha 0.0.04

New: Nothing


Sea Lantern Dyed Recipe has changed - Its now


change red dye to appropiate color and you only recieve one colored sea lantern


Now you can get 4 crystal shards back by placing colored lantern in crafting table anywhere


Stairs and Slabs Are still wip, and might not be out for til mcreator 1.8.0 or worse case never -;(

They have to act exactly like sea lanterns or you have to make sea lanterns act exactly like them... or else it doesn't really work...

Umm they work like just like sea lanterns man. These are fixed sea lanterns, why would I want to make them work like sea lanterns as we have now, where we can't place doors on them, redstone dust on them, and are glass. Not the best sea lanterns, and that would be terrible for a mod to make them exactly the same. Lastly I'm making more to this, when I get a chance that is.