Super Nether Mod V0.3[Outdated]

Published by Dpalad67 on Sun, 08/18/2013 - 21:55
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A little dimension mod (My First). This is V0.3 (Alpha) so there will be a lot of bug (maybe).



+Crystal Ore

+Crystal (smelted Crystal Ore)

+Crystal Tools (Sword, Shovel, Axe, Pickaxe, Hoe)

+Crystal Armor



+FlameThrower with ammo

+New mob in SuperNether Biomes: NetherCow

Drops: Steak

+Alternate crafting recipes for Mega,Crystal Axe and Hoe (Like Diamond hoe and axe)



+Craftable portal Block

+Craftable portal Activator

+Hill biome with made of grass

+There are spawning(mobs): zombie,skeleton,creeper,zombie pigman and more.

+Mushroom cow spawning

+Mega tools (shovel,axe,pickaxe,hoe,sword)

+Mega Armor

+Fruit seeds which you can smelt to a Fruit (will have a crafting recipe)

+Citrone seeds which you can smelt to a citrone (will have a crafting recipe)

+You can get fruit and citrone seeds from tall grass

+Craftable Magic Machinegun whit Magic Ammo



-Mod Created

-Portal made of Netherrack (Like Nether portal)

-With Mega Ore which you can mine and smelt into Ingot

-Craft a Pickaxe with Mega Ingot

-In the Super Nether: There are water, grass, trees, flowers, animals and a hill biome!

-How to:

How to use the portal: Right click with the Activator!

 How to install the mod: 

1. Download Minecraft Forge

2. Download the Super Nether mod.

3. Install Minecraft Forge.

4. Drag the file into the mods folder in your .minecraft folder.

If you don't have a mods folder just create one.

Modification files