Leafonium Mod

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The leafonium. A strange mineral that can be found in depth and cooked in a furnace to obtain Pure Leafonium. Filling the crafting table with some Pure Leafonium, we can get some Leafonium. It is said that one had created, with the power of the Leafonium, a species of crystal ... the Crystal Leafonium, which should give power, for a limited time, to those who use it ...

Mod created with MCreator

MCreator Webpage: https://mcreator.net


Modification files
Leafonium mod 1.4.jar - V 1.4 Added Leafonium Coal! It has a very long duration.130.09 KB

Version: 1.4


Leafonyum Crystal Recipe:

TNT like recipe, 4 leafonium blocks, 5 leafonium


Added Leafonium Coal!



  •  Leafonium Armor
  •  Leafonium Sword
  •  Leafonium Pickaxe
  •  Leafonium Axe
  •  Leafonium Ore
  •  Pure Leafonium
  •  Leafonium
  •  Leafonium Wood
  •  Leafonium Leaves
  •  Leafonium Fluid
  •  Leafonium Block
  •  Leafonium Crystal
  •  Leafonium Forest.
  •  Leafonium Coal


Read The changelog to discover the recipe of the Leafonyum Crystal and new things.