Spisel (Chisel)

Published by SpiDro on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 02:14
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To start off, I made this because I wanted these blocks for my survival world.  I didn't make all of them, I did make most of them (I made the HD Bricks :)).  Anyways, to get started craft a Chisel, then you can Press ( C ) while holding the useless chisel, it opens up a visually bugged gui, Pressing 1,2, or 3 changes what blocks you get when you click on either Brick or Stonebrick.  I would have added more but, I got really tired of spending hours trying to make textures look good.  So if anyone wants to donate some decent textures I could expand this mod.    P.S. 1.7.10 for life, all good changes can be moved over with mods.  Death to the lag inducing 1.13

Modification files

Also I would like to note, after seeing the screenshot, it does not do the textures justice. I made all of the stone brick, and the HD Bricks by hand using Gimp, so my apologies if you dont like them.

The textures are nice but the top center one has some weird shading that makes it looks unnatural and very out of place with the others

Sorry about that, I made that texture specifically for my map. Also sorry about a year late reply lol, this also wasnt the final product, because it got corrupted and everything broke I kind of just quit.