Some New Features Mod [Alpha 0.5a] [MC1.6.2-1.7.10]

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Hello there!

My name is GladiMinecraft.

I made a new mod, called Some New Features mod!

Current version: Alpha 0.5a: The Bugfix Update!

Next update in development: Alpha 0.5b / Alpha 0.6

Minecraft: up to1.7.10, needs Forge Mod Loader.

Compatibility problem with some mods!



+ This mod has a new ore, the Derium.

+ You can dig it with a Diamond Pickaxe. It will drop a Derium Gem.

+ It's the same difficult to find than Diamond.

Derium Ore

+ You can make a Derium Block with 9 Derium Gems in the Crafting Table, making a squared shape.

+ You can cook the Derium Gem in a Furnace, and you will get a Derium Core.

+ You can put 4 Derium Core in a Crafting Table, making a squared shape. You will get Derium Ingots. With this, now you can craft your favourite tools! (And they are better than Diamond!)

+ You can cook again the Derium Core, and you will get a Burnt Derium Core.

+ Also, this mod have a new mob. It's my personal signature. (It's me, with my skin) You can kill it and it will drop a Derium Gem.


+ Derium Armor. Crafting is like normal armour, but with Derium Ingots.

+ Fish mob! You can kill it and it will give you one Raw Fish. And very quiet now...

+ Ore recipes! You can now craft ores and bedrock!

NEW: Sponge recipe! Welcome back to crafters!

+ Added the Retro Dimension! The portal frame is with Derium Blocks, and you have to use the Derium Flint'n'Steel to activate it. It is WIP, so don't go there and place your definitive house yet...

+ FIXED: Retro Dimension is finally without that creepy darkness!

+ NEW: Updated this mod page

FIXED: Fishes are... strange...

* Retro Dimension's portal generates lots of zombie pigmen... Bug caused by MCreator



+ New Boss...

+ Add new Mobs, with new drops

+ Add new biomes.

Add new structures, with treasure inside

* Fix bugs.

+ SUGGESTED: Make ore recipes cheaper.

+ DONE: Fix Fish and GladiMinecraft textures

DONE: Less darkness for Retro Dimension




Compatibility problem with other mods.

* Active Derium portals generate Zombie Pigmen: Bug caused by MCreator

* GladiMinecraft mob acts like a slime

FIXED: Buggy GladiMinecraft mob texture

FIXED: Buggy Fish mob texture

FIXED: "Darkness Dimension" instead of "Retro Dimension"


Not confirmed:

? Llightning bugs


If you find some bugs, please, report them to me.



Needs Forge Mod Loader!


 > Go to Start Menu and type %appdata%

 > Go to Roaming folder.

 > Go to .minecraft\mods, and put the mod file here.

 > Run Minecraft, enjoy the mod!



 > Go to /home/*YOUR USERNAME*/.minecraft/mods

 > Put the mod file here.

 > Run Minecraft, enjoy the mod!



If you know how to install mods on MacOS, please tell me!



Needs Forge Mod Loader!

> Just go to your server folder, and put the mod in "mods" folder



The "Not downloadable" versions are not available because you can't find them at the download section.


Alpha 0.5a: The Bugfix Update! (Up to 1.7.10)

+ Fixed GladiMinecraft texture bug

+ Fixed fish texture bug

+ Fixed Retro Dimension's darkness bug

+ Added Sponge crafting recipe

+ Changed texture of Retro Dimension's portal and Retro Grass

+ Changed some stuff of the Retro Biome

- Removed Retro Dirt

+ Updated mod page


Alpha 0.4a: The Buggy Textures Update! (Up to 1.7.2)

+ Added crafting recipes for ores and bedrock

+ Readded the "Retro Dimension"

+ Updated mod page

* GladiMinecraft texture is buggy

* Fish texture is buggy

+ Solved collidable blocks bug

+ Solved the quite loud noise for fish

+ Cooked Derium and Re-cooked Derium are now Derium Core and Burnt Derium Core.

- Derium Core and Burnt Derium Core aren't food anymore.

+ Added Spanish (es_ES) language


Alpha 0.3a: The Fish Update! (Up to 1.6.2)

+ Derium Block has now a Lapis Lazuli Block texture, but in red.

- Derium Blocks no longer spawn particles around them.

* Derium Block and Ore are now collidable! (What??)

+ Added Fish (But makes lots of noise)

+ Confirmated: Derium is easier to find, but you have to dig it with a diamond pickaxe

- Removed Dimension. Still working on it.

+ Updated GladiMinecraft mob skin. It runs fast too.

+ Derium Core and Burnt Derium Core are now Cooked Derium and Re-cooked Derium.

? Lighning bugs


Alpha 0.2b: The New Names Update! (Up to 1.6.2)

+ Redium is now called Derium

+ Derium uses same textures as Redium

+ Added New Dimension. Still working on it, it isn't complete

* Now Derium Blocks are collidable. Trying to fix it.


>>Alpha 0.2a is no longer available, don't ask me why.<<


Alpha 0.1b (Up to 1.6.2) - Not downloadable

Added Redium Armour

+ Added particles and illumination to Redium Block


Alpha 0.1a: The First Release! (Up to 1.6.2) - Not downloadable

>> The first version of this mod!<<

Added Redium and Redium Ore

+ Added Redium Tools

+ Added Redium Block

+ Added GladiMinecraft mob



Respect this please!

This mod is a WIP mod. Don't add it to a Mod pack! It isn't complete and it can cause bugs and/or crashings.

You can't edit or remake this mod for yourself, but you can share it to your friends (Of course your friends can't edit this).

This mod was make with MCreator Mod Maker. This mod uses Forge Mod Loader. Thanks to Forge and Pylo.

If you find bugs, report them to me! Doing this, you can help me fix the mod errors for you and for other people.

This mod has compatibility problems with some Forge mods!


I accept suggestions. So, if you have some ideas, tell me.

Excuse me if I'm speaking some wrong English, I'm Spanish.

Ask me anything you need below. Thanks to all the feedback!

See you soon!

- GladiMinecraft

Modification files - Some New Features 0.2b [MC1.6.2]Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:03   File size: 575.9 KB - Some New Features 0.3a [MC1.6.2]Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:03   File size: 558.82 KB - Some New Features 0.4a [MC1.7.2]Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:03   File size: 173.71 KB - Some New Features 0.5a [MC1.7.10]Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:03   File size: 282.66 KB

Hello there! I didn't update this mod to 1.6.4 because I'm just waiting for MCreator 1.7. I can update to 1.6.4, of course, but I don't know really what to do. Maybe the 1.7 version will arrive later... Well, I'll get time to update to 1.6.4 :)

There will be a new update of 0.4 that will solve texture bugs, but I'm having some difficulties to fix them. Wait for it!

Could you make the crafting materials for the ores a little cheaper? Because a diamond ore will give you only one diamond if you break it with a regular pick. (What about this, put the <name of material> right next to stone instead of four of <name of material> inside five smooth stone.

Could you make the crafting materials for the ores a little cheaper? Because a diamond ore will give you only one diamond if you break it with a regular pick. (What about this, put the <name of material> right next to stone instead of four of <name of material> inside five smooth stone.

Nice mod. Also, very detailed description. Keep up the good work!

Holy crud so many comments any way can you make dirt or dirt ingots and reinforced dirt ingots with armor tools and weapons of both of the dirt ingots (Obviously each one has there own armor and tools)