The Uncraftable Craftables-(TUC)

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You can now craft the UNCRAFTABLES!!!Craft barriers,bedrock,even diamonds!!!Also leave suggestions in the comments down below what uncraftable(s) YOU want to make CRAFTABLE!!!Hope you enjoy this mini-mod!!!

Modification files
TUC_1.12.2_1.0.1.jar - - KB
TUC_1.12.2_1.0.2.jar - - KB
TUC_1.12.2_1.0.3.jar - -1.0.3130.6 KB
TUC_1.12.2_1.0.4.jar - -1.0.4141.28 KB


-Added Bedrock Recipe

-Added Iron Recipe

-Added Gold Recipe

-Added Emerald Recipe

-Added Diamond Recipe

-Added Totem Recipe

-Added Obsidian Recipe

-Added Lava Bucket Recipe

-Added Water Bucket Recipe

-Added Barrier Recipe

-Added Mob Spawner Recipe

-Added Wool Recipes

-Added Netherstar Recipe

-Added Enchanted Book Recipe



-Added XP Bottle Recipe

-Added Silverfish Eggs

-Added Silverfish Stone Recipe

-Added Soul Sand Recipe

-Added Magma Block Recipe

-Added Netherrack Recipe

-Added Silverfish Egg Recipe


-Added Zombie Egg

-Added Zombie Egg Recipe

-Added Giant Zombie Egg

-Added Giant Zombie Egg Recipe

-Added Dragon Spawn Egg

-Added Dragon Spawn Egg Recipe

-Added Dragon Egg Recipe

-Added Egg Recipe

-Added Slimeball Recipe

-Added Prismarine Shard Recipe

-Added Prismarine Crystals Recipe

-Added Shulker Shell Recipe

-Added Sponge Recipe

-Added Chorus Fruit Recipe

-Added Popped Chorus Fruit Recipe


-Added Grass Block Recipe

-Added Grass Path Recipe

-Added Mycelium Recipe

-Added Sea Lantern Recipe

-Added Glowstone Recipe

-Added Beetroot Recipe

-Added Clay Ball Recipe

-Added Nether Wart Recipe

-Added Gold Ore Recipe

-Added Iron Ore Recipe

-Added Coal Ore Recipe

-Added Diamond Ore Recipe

-Added Lapis Ore Recipe

-Added Redstone Ore Recipe

-Added LIT Redstone Ore Recipe

-Added Emerald Ore Recipe

-Added Quartz Ore Recipe

-Added Endstone Recipe

-Added End Rod Recipe

-Added End Portal Frame Recipe

-Added Ender Pearl Recipe

-Renamed Mob Eggs


-Added  Iron Horse Armor Recipe

-Added Gold Horse Armor Recipe

-Added Diamond Horse Armor Recipe

-Added Saddle Recipe

-Added Impulse Command Block Recipe

-Added Repeating Command Block Recipe

-Added Chain Command Block Recipe

-Added Command Block Minecart Recipe