Minecraft Mo'Weapons Mod

Published by whchang850 on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 23:11
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Hello. This is my first mod I've created and I was trying to make fun mod which adds in more weapons. Thanks to MCreator I did! Please enjoy the mod and tell if you find any bugs(the war axe texture is buggy I know).

Silver Ore: Spawns naturally in your world. Strong resistance. It drops a silver ore and you cook it in the furnace to get a silver ingot.

Silver Block: Crafted like any other block made out of ingots, gems.

Silver Sword: Crafted like normal swords and have 500 durabillity with 8 attack damage.

Silver Nugget: Used to make Silver Bullet. Made with one silver ingot.

Silver Bullet: Ammo for Silver gun.

Silver Gun(Silver Rifle(550 Durability) and Silver Pistol(900 Durability): *Planning to replace it with Crossbow*

Silver Armor: Stronger than iron armor.

Thunder Stick: Has 700 Durabillity with 4 attack damage. Right click block for the lightning(Cost 1 durabillity).

Baseball bat: 800 Durabillity with 10 attack damage.

Kitchen Knife: 10 Attack damage and 50 durabillity.

Knife: 100 Durabillity with 8 Atack damage.

Spear: 750 Durabillity and 10 attack damage.

Diamong Spear: 1000 Durabillity with 14 attack damage.

War Axe(Currently no image): 11 Attack damage and 750 durabillity.

Pwn Hammer Block: Extreame resistance. Use to make Pwn Hammer.

Pwn Hammer: 59 Attack damage and 1500 durabillity

Pwn Hammer v2: 3000 Durabillity and 109 attack damage.

Pwn Armor: Over Powerd Armor with 5500/8000/7500/6500(Head/Body/Leg/Boots) durabillity.

Thank you again and comment and rate if you want.

DOWNLOAD: you can download from above or help author by clicking this download link --> //adf.ly/XpQ8K

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