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Published by Nouyoule on Mon, 12/17/2018 - 12:56
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Here is the mysterious "Human" mobs? But to the MCreator sauce? But, this mod is not great like you think! He's here for have his first version, with the famous "Human" mobs! The mod have this mobs who, when hited or killed, make a old player hurt sound, but in a newer quality! (This is me who have make this audio). You can download the mod, for have fun! If you know the old "Human" mobs, you can know some things who's be in the mod! If you want to know what they do, they hit the player like zombies, but they are the reverse of the zombies, because they immune to the sun! So, they are like the "Creeper"!

The mod will updated often enough...

(The Alpha mod have the description).

Modification files
Human Mod 1.12.2.jar - The InDev mod file (1.0.0 Version).Uploaded on: 12/17/2018 - 12:58   File size: 265.59 KB
Human Mod 1.12.2 Alpha.jar - The Alpha mod file (1.0.1 Version).Uploaded on: 12/19/2018 - 09:10   File size: 291.1 KB

InDev 1.0.0 Version:

  • Add Human
  • Add the G Key utility
  • Add a Newer "Player Hurt" for this mob

Alpha 1.0.1 Version:

  • Add Human Rare Events and Utility
  • Add Baby Human

They spawn the night like monsters, and can despawn and hit you 3 damage! But, like the creeper, they don't fire on the sun, who add a good difficulty for the player!

The original human mob from the very first versions walks in a totally dumb way waving all of his limbs and constantly jumpin like an idiot. Maybe you could try to add it?