WIP Ferox's Unknown Things Mod 1.0 ( Minecraft 1.5.2. )

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Hello Guys! This is my first mod ever and i hope you like it!

             This mod adds a new biome ( Purple ) and some new itens and blocks right now


                                                                                                                                        New Ores ( Purple Gem Ore and Copper Ore )

                                      New Biome ( Purple Biome with a new tree and new blocks )

                                      New Itens ( Purplerrite Sword and Pickaxe,New food with effects, etc. )

                           New Mobs ( Shadow The Hedgehog xD, Brown Pig and Blue Zombie )

How To Install:

-Dowload and Install Modloader/Minecraft Forge

-Go to %appdata%

-Open .Minecraft folder

-Go to mods ( if you don't have a folder named "mods" create one )

-Delete Meta-INF in minecraft.jar ( Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7Zip )

-Put my mod zip. file in the "mods" folder ( Do not extract it! )

-Run Minecraft



                                       If you want more,please give a Diamond and a Favorite!

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