The Radioactive Mod Updates

Published by xplasmakid on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 09:30
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Enjoy this mod, and comment on what I should add in for later updates. My Youtube: // My Website: //

First, download the .zip file.

Next, download Forge Installer 1.6.2  version (The Latest 1.6.2 version)  at //

Run it with Java SE Binary and click Install Client then ok

Go into .minecraft

Create a file named  "mods " (unless you already have one named mods) and put the .zip file inside it

Then load the launcher and choose the profile already created for you called  " Forge "

Finnaly, click play



-Added Gun

-Added 2 Blocks

-Added a Biome

-Added 3 Items

-Changed Code in some Items




Modification files