Hypermechanics 2

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Disclaimer: This mod is a complete and total rework of my previous mod, Hypermechanics, so some textures may be reused.

So, you might be wondering what this mod has?

Well, it has:

Three fully custom modeled machines,

A fully custom modeled generator,

An insanely expensive reactor capable of harnessing the immense power latent in Nether Stars to replicate any item (with some exceptions, of course),

A fully worked energy system stored in a global variable saved on a world-by-world basis,

Several miscellaneous crafting items,

Ten upgrades that allow machines to work in new ways (most of them are for the Generator XD).

What more could you ask for? (any requests are welcome)

Note the following:

LU: The power system, stands for "Llama Units" (Think horse power, but different)

Energy Reader: Right click in the air for it to display current LU

The Rift block: The pink swirly block in the overview picture (DO NOT PLACE, I used a setblock command to get it in the world, placing it causes a rather large explosion) (Craft by placing a Chorus Flower and Netherstar Dust in an Infuser with an Unstable Energy Tap)

Upgrades: Crafted in the Advanced Crafter, right click on a machine with the upgrade to install it, left click on the machine to get all installed upgrades back (if the block is destroyed by an explosion all the upgrades are spat out as well)

Generator: A simple machine that can only generate power from Redstone Dust placed in its GUI unless it is upgraded

Infuser: A machine that takes two items and combines them into one

Advanced Crafter: A machine that you will be using quite a lot to create upgrades and more advanced crafting parts

Rift Controller: A machine used to create Hypercube Capsules from a Capsule (top slot), Netherstar Dust, and Popped Chorus Fruit, must have a Stable Rift placed bellow it to function

Ion Reactor: The ultimate machine, use the mod pictures to see how to construct it, uses seventeen Ion Reactor Casing, four Ion Containment Coils, one Ion Reactor Core, and one Ion Reactor Controller (To use, right click on the Ion Reactor Controller once the machine has been constructed, then put the Item you want duplicated in the yellow slot and Netherstar Dust in each of the two slots next to it)

Mechanical Circuit: Crafting item, craft using four circuitry surrounding a Gear in an Advanced Crafter with an Electronic Soldering Iron installed

Redstone Infused Ingot: Redstone Dust and one Gold Ingot, crafted using an Infuser

Motherboard: Craft with Emeralds surrounding a Mechanical Circuit in an Advanced Crafter with an Electronic Soldering Iron installed

Geothermal Converters: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated from adjacent lava sources (Blaze Rods surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Hydronic Filter: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated from adjacent water sources (Prismarine Shards surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Bio Combustion Tube: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated from Biomush placed in the Generator GUI (Dragon's Breath surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Internal Carbon Burner: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated from coal or charcoal placed in the Generator GUI (Coal or Charcoal surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Auxiliary Power Processor: Upgrade for the Generator, increases total power produced from all sources, no installation limit (Bonded Gold Ingots surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Advanced Redstone Tap: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated from Redstone Blocks placed in the Generator GUI (Redstone Dust surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Solar Generation Panel: Upgrade for the Generator, allows power to be generated during the day as long as the Generator has sky access (Lapis surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Unstable Energy Tap: Upgrade for the Generator, Rift Controller, and Infuser, if inserted in the Generator it allows for massive amounts of energy to be produced from a Hypercube Capsule placed in the Generator GUI, if inserted in to a Rift Controller it stops the Rift Controller from consuming LU and instead has it tap into the vast power in the Stable Rift placed below it, and if inserted in to an Infuser it allows for the creation of Rift blocks (Popped Chorus Fruit surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Forced Magnetic Bonder: Upgrade for the Infuser, allows the Infuser to create both Bonded Iron Ingots and Bonded Gold Ingots (Slimeballs surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Electronic Solder Iron: Upgrade for the Advanced Crafter, allows for the creation of Mechanical Circuits and Motherboards (Diamonds surrounding an Enhancement Core)

Ion Cuboid: Created from Emeralds surrounding Netherstar Dust in an Advanced Crafter

LU Reset Chip: Debug item, clears all LU in the world (/give [username] Hypermechanics:luclearchipitem)

Hyperbonder: not implemented (and have no plans to implement)

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-Hypermechanics 2.0.1-

  • Removes repetitive clicking sound from machines
  • Adds Flameshards, a necessary material for crafting Enhancement Cores
  • Enhancement Cores are used to craft all upgrades
  • Adds Flameshard blocks and ore
  • Flameshard Ore spawns in the Nether, 

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