Pit Spikes 1.02

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This is my second version of the pit spikes. This version addes (Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond) pit spikes to the inventory. the mod image shows the recipie to make them. For each material used for the pit spike depends on the damage per second. so wood will be the lowest damage per second and diamond will be the most damage. This mod is ideal for putting around your house or "castle" this mod will defend against zombies or whatever prey may step onto the block. One thing that works well is to add the pit spikes to the top of a wall. This will keep spikers from climbing your walls. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them. I am up for ideas.

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Pit Spikes 1.02.zip - Pit Spikes (for defense)Uploaded on: 12/02/2016 - 06:11   File size: 253.18 KB

ayoo! what mcreator version was this made in? asking cause sometimes I like to go back to 1.6.4 and use some mods.

If I remember correctly when you add the texture to your block you are able to choose the texture type that you want. For example there was a X and a + and other types of paters that you could use.

I've been searching a way to make a spikes mod for so long! I want to make the spikes but how do you get them in that form? I mean, in stead of a normal block, it has the model of a plant. How do you do this?

shadow block for camoufle spike ^^
im make spike and shadow block half a crash mcreator and i don't reinstalle
sorry for my bad english

Also heres a mod suggestion a terminator mod with bosses new biomes weapons and tools :D

I have to say, this is a great mod idea, and can have great potential. Good job on the texturing! I also must say, sometimes people don't put descriptions of their mod in their page, and you really have to download it to see what it does. Thank you for making a good description on the features of this mod.

I just notices you have been a member of pylo for 43 years?