Redstone structure manipulator

Published by ultrasquid on Thu, 05/23/2019 - 04:12
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Redstone structure manipulators: the first mod of its kind! (I hope)

this mod doesn't add in a fancy new dimension or a dangerous new mob, but it adds in something much more useful: the structure manipulators!

the structure manipulators allow you to spawn in a vanilla redstone device instead of making it yourself. so if you use this mod an then remove it, your world will not be destroyed!

thanks to the simplicity of these items, there is only EIGHT mod elements right now!

you can spawn in three devices so far: the piston elevator and the Jeb door. I will allow you to spawn in more structures later.

The Piston elevator is very complex on its own and this structure manipulator might prove more useful than the other.

the Jeb door is a door that is level with the wall when closed, but when you open it it pulls in a part of the wall and splits it apart so you can walk through. it is quite simple if you know how to build it.

the T-flip-flop allows you to swap a button's effects for a lever. Its more useful than you think!

the pulse shortener is opposite of the T-flip-flop

a while ago I saw the concept of a missile in Minecraft, and so I added one into this mod.

a timer. it executes a redstone signal when its bar gets filled up.

I will try to update this mod daily, please post requests in the comments section down below!

Modification files
structure manipulator_1.jar - click here to downloadUploaded on: 06/08/2019 - 18:14   File size: 56.54 KB

Very nice idea :D
This would be very helpful for people who don't really understand redstone, but want to make awesome machines.