Block Workers

Published by MMTE05 on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:48
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Are you tired of standing faced towards a cobble Generator and only hold your mouse? I am, so I created the Block Workers Mod.

This mod will make your MC life easier.

Use the Breaker! If you power it with Redstone, it will destroy every block on top of it.

The Drill is the best digging tool ever. Place it, Right-click it and BOOM! - it will mine down and drop the items above it. But thats not good enough - Level up the Drill!

The Oiled Drill digs deeper - much deeper! Dont break the glass that covers the tunnel, this tunnel is able to get under bedrock!

The TechDrill digs as Deep as the normal drill, but in an area of 5x5! Make sure your inventory is empty before you use that powerful block!!!

Last but not least, the FluisionTable: If you open it like a chest and put in a Bucket of water and an other item, it will create a new one

Here is a list of all things that mod adds:


- Breaker

- Drill, Oiled Drill, TechDrill

- Fluision Table


- TechMaterial

- StoneStick

- TechUpgrade

- Oil


You can see the recipes if you download the mod (ZIP - Folder)


What is in the ZIP Folder?

- Mod [.jar]

- Crafting recipes



If you have an idea what I could add to this mod, write a comment.


Have fun with this mod



created with MCreator





Modification files

PS: The mod got a german Translation, but it does not want to work :)

Nice mod :D
Do the machines destroy every block, even bedrock or command blocks?