pokemon Galar region

Published by andre20000 on Sun, 10/20/2019 - 16:51
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Im reposting this mod because it was unpublished. You can explore the galar region in minecraft. I intend to add all gen 8 pokemon. Im not american, ok? Please like my mod. now for 1.14.4


Project status
In development
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galar_12.jar - galar 2.2300.16 KB
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update 1.1.0: added yamper and rolycoly. Yamper spawn in forests and rolycoly spawn in extreme hills


update 1.2.0: added cramorant and morpeko. Cramorant spawn in rivers and morpeko spawn in forest and taiga


update 1.3.0: added alcremie and duraludon. Alcremie spawn in plains and duraludon spawn in extreme hills and ice mountains


update 1.4.0: added Gossifleur and Eldegoss. Both spawn in forests and birch forests.


update 1.5.0: added polteageist and the starters: grookey, scorbunny and sobble. Polteageist spawn in roofed forest, grookey spawn in jungles, scorbunny spawn in plains and nether, and sobble spawn in beach.


update 1.5.5: added impidimp. impidimp spawn in roofed forest


update 1.6.0: added sirfetch'd and his sword. Sirfetch'd spawn in plains


update 1.7.0: added stonjourner and galarian zigzagoon. Stonjourner spawn in mesa and extreme hills and galarian zigzagoon spawn in any biome at night and it is aggressive


update 1.8.0: added skwovet and greedunt. Both spawn in forest, plains and birch forest.


update 1.9.0: added eiscue, frosmoth and snom. they spawn in snowy biomes.


update 2.0: added applin, flapple and appletun. they spawn in forest and birch forest.


update 2.1: added cufant and copperajah. both spawn in savanna.


update 2.2: added thwackey, raboot and drizzile. They spawn in the same biome as their pre evolutions.


update 2.3: added milcery, chewtle and hattena. Chewtle and milcery spawn in the same biome as their evolution. hattena spawn in forest at night.


update 2.4: added rillaboom, cinderace and intelleon. They spawn in the same biomes as their pre evos.


update 2.5: added tent and pincurchin. Pincurchin spawn in beaches

Looks nice, but a description with more details will be cool. Otherwise, I like the two mobs. I find them cute.

Well, its nice, but it will be very hard to keep this up given that after gen 8 comes out, you have some... Powerful competition... Other than that, nice mod, way better models than anything I can make. XD Final note, a bit more description would be nice.

Nice mod :)
Please explain what it adds in the description in a little more detail though.

Good mod :D
You made it when the games weren't even released.. XD
Do you also plan to add pokèmons from other generations?

looks better than pixel mon even :) (not hard as pixel mon sux) like the idea! p.s. are there pokeballs if not add pokeballs :)