Just Enough Decorative Blocks (Not Supported)

Published by Jakub2002r on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 21:50
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Just Enough Decorative Blocks


Just Enough Decorative Blocks is a mod that adds a lot of new blocks to the game.


This mod adds:

- Color bricks

- Color cobblestones

- Color planks

- Color stone bricks

- Color chiseled stone bricks

- Color brick stairs

- Color cobblestone stairs

- Color wood stairs

- Color stone brick stairs

- Color concrete stairs

- Color terracotta stairs

- Color wood fences

- Color brick walls

- Color cobblestone walls

- Color stone brick walls

- Color concrete walls

- Color terracotta walls


Supported Languages:

- English (By Jakub2002r)

- Polish (By Jakub2002r)


This mod is no longer supported

Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
JEDB v2.4 [1.14.4].jar - Not Supported1.85 MB
JEDB v1.8 [1.12.2].jar - Not Supported920.24 KB

v2.4 [1.14.4]

- Added color brick walls

- Added color cobblestone walls

- Added color stone brick walls

- Added color concrete walls

- Added color terracotta walls

- Added Polish translation

- Updated to Forge 28.1.116


v2.3 [1.14.4]

- Added color wood fences


v2.2 [1.14.4]

- Added color brick stairs

- Added color cobblestone stairs

- Added color wood stairs

- Added color stone brick stairs

- Added color concrete stairs

- Added color terracotta stairs


v2.1 [1.14.4]

- Added color chiseled stone bricks