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Live once more after death (Revive)


But be warned!

A Specter may look for your soul when you revive


Specters are tough, REALLY TOUGH And fast so be careful.

but you want to slay them, they have a 70% chance to drop 2 Specter Souls and ender pearls. (New guaranteed one specter soul)

but if you don't want to fight them use a specter bottle to banish them, p.s. Left-click them to banish them

Fissuring Specter Soul:

Soul Iron:

Tool (I'm Not listing all of them):

Specter Bottle:

Noch Apple:

Specter Apple:

Magazine Plans:

Rounds Plans:

Chassis Plans:

Barrel Plans:

Weapon Parts Plans:


Soul Stone Bricks:

Soul Iron Block:

Seared Soul Iron Block:

Weapon Anvil:

Soul Iron Nugget to Ingot:

Seared Soul Iron Nugget to Ingot:

Soul Dirt:

Soul Cobblestone:

Furnace With Soul stone:

Soul Stone:

Weapon Anvil Hammer:


Soul Ore Recipe:

Seared Soul Iron Nugget:


Weapon Anvil Recipes-


Riffle Barrel:

Riffle Chassis:

Riffle Magazine:

Weapon Parts:

Riffle Rounds:



The Banished in ElseWhere:

Specter Hurt:



ElseWhere With Shaders:

Soul Fern:

Dread Fern:


Soul Fern With Specters:

Soul Iron in ElseWhere:

Soul Leech:

The Portal

Four Soul Iron block Must be in the vicinity of the portal to ignite.







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